4 Best Custom ROMs For Nexus 6P Based On Android 10

Download the latest Android 10 based Custom ROMs for Nexus 6P to taste Android 10 with extra features.

In this article, you will have a glance in the list of some of the Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6P based on Android 10. These ROMs are characterized on the basis of the following Features, Updates, Performance, and Stability.

From Google’s Nexus series, Huawei’s Nexus 6P was the last phone which was truly the end of the generation of a budget-friendly but yet a flagship-level lineup. Back in December 2018, the Nexus series received its last official software update which was completely based on Android 8.1 Oreo but it never received the official Android 9 pie support from Google. One can easily install a custom ROM based on Android 10.

Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 6P based on Android 10

List Of Best Custom ROMs For Nexus 6P

To run the latest Android version on your phone is the most utmost goal of the custom ROMs. If one needs to customize the phone software according to the needs of both visually and performance-wise, can be found out with a lot of flexibilities through custom ROMs. Now proceed to the list of our best custom ROMs for Nexus 6P.

LineageOS 17.1 ROM (Android 10):


LineageOS 17.1 ROM (Android 10)

XDA developer bought us the unofficial port of the LineageOS 17.1 ROM for the Nexus 6P. LineageOS is one of the popular and best custom ROMs for Nexus 6P and other Android phones as well. It offers an optimal balance between stability and special features and it is well recognized for it too. Like ROM lineage also includes a bunch of special features to help the user customize parts of the software as per his need but unlike a lot of ROMS filled with LineageOS, Gimmicks, offers important features that the user would actually use.

The status bar, Hardware keys, Quick setting, and Gestures can be easily customized for instance in the built settings. If one has to update the phone to the latest version when it’s released by the developer can be helped by the in-built OTA updater included by the ROM. If you want to use the unofficial OTA updater, then you have to refer to the following instruction shared by the developer here.

Download The LineageOS 17.1 ROM For Nexus 6P:

PixelDust ROM:


PixelDust ROM

All the new OS features like the new gesture navigation, system-wide dark theme, privacy and location control, and much more. This ROM offers some interesting features and as per the developer said “You would’ve been missed if they hadn’t been included”, in the pixel dust menu these features reside and include everything you’d need for customization. some of the most important features are the following.

  • Advance Reboot Menue
  • Edge Lightning For Notification
  • Double Tap To Sleep In Status Bar And the Lock screen
  • Always On Display
  • Pixel Dust Launcher
  • Customizable Status Bar Clock, Date, Battery, and more
  • Customizable Lock Screen Shortcuts
  • Pixel Themes: Accent Colors, Icon shapes, Fonts and more

Download the PixelDust ROM For Nexus 6P:

  • Latest ROM Build: Google Drive
  • Original XDA Thread: Link
  • Telegram Group For Support And Discussion: Link

Pixel Experience ROM:


Pixel Experience ROM

It is in the third no in list of best custom ROMs for Nexus 6P. Users can expect a pure pixel-like feel because it is well known for stability and it does not bloat your phone gimmicky features. The goal of the pixel experience ROM is to offer a stable and clean pixel-like experience on your phone that is the reason why a user can not find the other customization options that you could be able to see in the majority of other custom ROMs.

Pixel experience is not lesser then any other update as it includes the majority of other Google Pixel features like Rules, Colors, Always-on display, Custom accent color, Fonts, and much more. It also includes the features of Google in its latest pixel feature drop. You even don’t need to install the pre-installed Google apps that are found on Pixels phones.

There is also a part where the Pixel experience ROM can disappoint is development and updates support. Due to the lack of device maintainer, the ROM is no longer update with the latest security patch. This year the last update was made for the Nexus 6P and released with December 2019 security patch.

Download The Pixel Experience ROM For Nexus 6P:

Latest ROM Build: Pixel Experience Website
Original XDA Thread: Link

AOSP 10.0 ROM:



If a user wants to get Android 10 on their phones without any extra additional features or customization options out of the box, then it is a great choice for each one of them. Users will get to enjoy all the features offered by the latest Android version because the ROM is based on Android 10. Some features are as following:

  • All new gesture navigation
  • Privacy and location controls
  • Smart reply in the notification
  • Systemwide dark theme

You also have the choice to download any mainstream Google app that you would actually need. While navigating by the OS or while switching apps, the AOSP 10.0 ROM gives the lag-free and very fast experience. In terms of privacy and security, the user is always sorted in the AOSP 10.0 ROM because when it comes to updates and development the ROM features the latest security path and would be updated every month with it.

Download The AOSP 10.0 ROM For Nexus 6P:

Installation Of The Custom ROM On Nexus 6P:

There is a very simple method of installing one of the above updates mentioned but still, it’s good for you to download and install it from the XDA thread.

You need to Unlock the bootloader and install the TWRP recovery on your Nexus 6P if you want to install a custom ROM. And most importantly make sure that to take backup all the important data beforehand.

Steps to Install a Custom ROM On Nexus 6P:

  1. Download the ZIP file of custom ROM of your choice
  2. If you want to install GApps files download them. Make sure that some custom ROMs like Pixels experience come within built Google apps. For such ROMs, you don’t need to download and flash the GApps ZIP.
  3. Also, download the latest magick ZIP file from here, if you want to root your phone.
  4. Copy all the download ZIP files to your Nexus 6P’s internal storage.
  5. Once the files have been copied, disconnect the phone from the PC and power it off.
  6. Now hold the volume button down + power button together to boot your phone into bootloader mode.
  7. Tap either of the volume keys until “recovery mode” appears on the bootloader screen, then press the power key to confirm and boot your Nexus 6P into TWRP recovery.
  8. In TWRP, go to wipe and select the ‘Dalvik/ART cache’, ‘System’, ‘Data’ and ‘Cache’.
  9. Once selected, wipe the partitions by swiping the button on the screen.
  10. Now, go back to the TWRP screen and tap on Install.
  11. Navigate to the internal storage, select the ZIP file of the custom ROM you have downloaded, and swipe the button on the bottom of the screen to install/flash it.
  12. Further, you can flash the Gapps if the ROM supports it and Magisk if you want to root.
  13. Once installed go to wipe > ‘format data’ in TWRP and enter ‘yes’ in the provided field to format your Nexus 6P’s data partition.

Verdict: Which Is The Best Among All:

One can not tell or recommend the best ROM for everyone and this is because every ROM has some totally different features as compare to each other so if might I like one ROM is due to its some specific features then it’s not necessary the other will also like it because the other user may prefer different features in the ROM. If you want then you can download and install each of the listed custom ROMs and decide from your own experience.

All the best custom ROMs for Nexus 6P are discussed in this article in detail. Which one did you prefer for yourself? let us know in the comment section below.

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