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5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App

Uber has revolutionized the car hiring industry and it’s being used widely around the globe. It has mastered the art of convenience and is a useful ride-sharing app, with loyal and enthusiastic users nationwide. If you’re a daily user of Uber, you may not be utilizing all of its features that might help you save time and money. So, instead of being limited to only simply opening the app and requesting a ride every day, consider using the following feasible tips that can help you in getting most out of the Uber app. The following Uber’s features might vary according to the user’s location, country wise.

5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 1

5 Tips For Uber Users:

Let’s continue to the 5 tips that we have described for the Uber users to get most out of the Uber app.

1. Schedule an Uber Ride in Advance

To reduce the stress of calling a ride or communicating with the driver before an important meeting or a tough test, scheduling a ride in advance can be convenient. Uber allows it’s users to schedule rides in advance, up to 30 days prior to their trip. It will also send reminders 24 hours before their trip and once again when their ride is on its way to pick them up.

To schedule a ride in advance, simply open up the Uber app and select the car icon. It’ll display an option to “schedule a ride” (though only if the feature is available in the area). Then, set the pick-up information including the date, time and location. Upon selecting the ride type, the user will receive a fair estimate. When all the information has been entered select “Schedule” to confirm. Once a user schedule a ride it’ll also let the user know if the fee has changed. On the day of the ride, the app will notify the user when the driver is on the way. Keep in mind that scheduling a pick-up doesn’t make a reservation for a car.

If anything changes, the user has the ability to edit or cancel their advance pick-up at any time before the ride. Currently, plan-ahead feature, which lets users schedule a car anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 days in advance, is available in more than 300 cities in the world.

5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 2

2. Avoiding Cancellation Fee

In order to avoid a cancellation fee, users can cancel the ride within five minutes of receiving the notification. This is a short window of time to cancel the request before Uber charges a cancellation fee. But sometimes, users might have trouble communicating with the driver or the driver takes much longer to arrive than the estimated time, leading them to cancel the ride. If that happens, tap the “Help” section of the Uber app and dispute the fee. Around 90% of the time the fee is disputed.

5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 3

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3. Splitting the Rent

After requesting the ride, users can split the rent with their friends or some other passengers by using UberPOOL. Simply tap the arrow next to the driver’s information, then tap “split fare” and choose the friend to split the trip with, then tap send. UberPOOL, allows users to share the rent of a ride with other passengers who are going in the same direction. Splitting rent is one of the most cost-effective ways to use the app.

5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 4

4. Low Rate Fee

Using car service apps can be trickier than normal taxi hiring routine. As the times when the user wants to go out the most are often have the highest fare rate to get themselves back home. Similarly, when the weather is not sunny, rainy days or commute hours can also correspond to slightly higher fares. In times like this, there will most likely be a surge or higher price for the ride and can be pretty disturbing for the riders. To avoid high fare rates, checking back later or walking a few blocks away from the event venue users might get a lower fare rate. The rate will return to their base level once the market is back in balance so waiting for a while can be a good option in such situations.

5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 5

5. Checking Uber Rating of Riders

When the ride ends, users get a notification about rating the trip or rider. They can comment or rate the driver. But the app displays the same notification to the driver, meaning that riders also have an Uber score too. Uber has made it easy to find out a passenger’s rating now. If you’re curious to check out how you’re doing in the backseat, there are two ways to find it out:

a) Tap the three bars on the top left corner of the app and under the username, user’s average Uber rating will be displayed.
b) Tap “Help” > “Account and Payment” > “Account Settings and Ratings” > “I’d like to know my rating.”
5 Tips for Uber Users to Get Most Out of the App 6

Hopefully, you’ll find this article useful and will benefit from the above tips in everyday routine. If we have missed any useful tip that you are already utilizing, feel free to comment below!

You can download the uber app from the link below.

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