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Adding Any Widget To Expanded Nova Launcher Dock – How To

Here is how to add any widget to expanded Nova Launcher Dock. There are so many launchers available these days at play store. Some of them are average others are good but the most popular and quite efficient launcher with having great customization options available is Nova Launcher. The Nova launcher was a stock android launcher for a long time but now it has changed as there are some new features in it now.

Recently Nova launchers updated and the widget of Google search was added to the launcher’s dock. Google pixel 2 has the same in its stock launcher but the uniqueness of Nova launcher is that they will allow the users to add any different widget instead of google search. As the dock was for Google search widget so it has only space for a 4*1 widget which is okay as you are not going to add a 4*2 more widget at the dock. In Nova launcher, if you want to add some other widget in the search widget’s place you will first have to enable it.

How to Add Any Widget to Expanded Nova Launcher Dock

Nova Launcher DockAdding Search Widget to the Dock

To add the search widget in the dock you have to find some empty space in the Nova Launcher and long-press there on the home screen and tap on the setting, in the setting select Dock and then tap your finger on the search bar in the dock. Nova launcher allows you two choices either to put the search bar above your icons or below your icons, this features is not included in the stock google Pixel’s 2 launchers, so select it according to your choice. Above or below whatever you want.

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After doing this check your home screen and there you will see your search bar in the launcher’s dock as you placed it below or above the icons.

Adding any Widget to Nova Launcher Dock

So till now, we have just played with the old features of the Nova launcher which were available in beta version. Now we are going to unpack the updates Nova launcher features. The updated version of the App lets the user place any other widget in the place of the search bar at the dock. To replace the Search bar you have to long press the search bar then you will have few options in front of you. There will be a list of the Widgets which can fit in the dock. Select the widget you want in the dock in place of the search bar and done, it will replace the old widget. Quite easy right?

You can also add Google chrome in the dock in place of search bar if you are a google chrome user.

It will provide a great experience to have google chrome as a widget and to open the links just with a tap.

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