Android Devices and Kids Sleeplessness – Help Them with Android Parental Control App

Do you often find your kid groggy and sleepy with red eyes in the morning? It is a sign they are not taking enough sleep and unfortunately, it’s not only their studies, but that shiny android device may be the reason. Kids can easily fall into bad sleeping habits due to constant use of their phones and tablets. They may spend the whole night texting, watching movies or reading. Once you are on the internet, one thing leads to another and you lose track of the minutes ticking away.

Teens need 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily in order to function at their best. However, phones and tablets provide a welcome distraction. Most kids use such devices before sleep which activates their brain consequently making it hard to sleep. They can wake up repeatedly at night due text messages and emails. This can cause a backlog of sleep which they never really recover as the cycle goes on every night. Lack of sleep in teenagers can cause harmful effects. It’s not just groggy eyes and exhausted face, it is more than that.

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These attention seeking devices are putting your kids at risks of bigger physical and mental issues such as:

  • Inability to learn and attention deficit problems leading to poor academic performance.
  • Driving drowsy to school and risking accidents.
  • Constant tiredness and failure to perform leads to hopelessness, anxiety and depression.
  • At higher risk using drugs and becoming dependent on them in order to make for the loss of energy.
  • High risk of obesity.

Android Devices and Kids Sleeplessness

It is a cycle in which they keep on circling. They stay awake one night and, unable to complete their tasks the next day, they may have to cut on other sleep again. Or the continuous attraction or in worst cases addiction of technology causes them to compromise their sleep.

What parents can do?

Parents need to know about all the mental and physical health problems caused by sleep deprivation and take the appropriate parental control steps. Here are some tips to help you.

1.       Talk and Make Rules

Talk to your kids about the importance of sleep and the adverse effects, lack of it can cause. Don’t allow them to use their phones before bedtime and put it on silent before sleeping. Obey the rules as well so that the kids don’t feel left out.

2.       Decide Screen Time

Make a schedule about how much time they can spend on their devices and when should be the bedtime.

You can use Android parental control app such as FamilyTime through which you can lock your child’s phones or tablets for specified intervals like bedtime. The phone would stay locked for the entire night forcing your kid to fall asleep. It automatically opens the next morning all you have to do is set a schedule. You can set it up for recurrent days and make as many rules as you want.

3.       Plan Tech Free Days

Spend tech free days like on weekends or vacations. This will help you and your kids to be less dependent on technology. The other bright side is you will get to spend time together as a family which is getting rare these days.

4.       Other Activities

Involve your kids in other activities like games and exercise. They tire your kids out and cause them to sleep well. They also help to deal with stress and obesity. Reading from a book before bed is also a healthy alternative.

Parental Control tools are the new and smart way to save your kids from the hazards of technology. Be smart parents and keep a check on those android devices which are not letting your kids sleep at night. Enforce these tips to ensure your kids full night sleep rather than finding their noses in their phones.

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