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What is Android Fast Pair Technology

Nowadays, many new technologies were introducing everywhere on the wide range of devices to make access to the next level. Do you know about android fast pair technology? The new technology of pairing speaker or Bluetooth speaker process engages in the mobile almost same. The new feature is in the Smartphone same and regular feature in the phone. Now, you can simply launch by entering into the Bluetooth settings in the mobile device and keep it discoverable and turn on the different Bluetooth devices such as the speaker, headset, etc. Choose it on the mobile and little bit wait for the process of pairing to complete. Sometimes, you need to enter the pairing code manually for the process completion.

To get all over the feature, Google announced the latest method of pairing with the Bluetooth smarter. The latest technology of Google or the pairing process called the Fast pair. It is extremely simple and fast method to pair with the Android device with the help of Bluetooth device. The fast pairing process speeds up delivers effortless and quick Bluetooth pairing with few clicks on your mobile. The working process of the fast pair which Bluetooth supported device in the pairing mode and receives near to the tablet or Android device. You can quickly get prompt on the Android phone to pair with help of Bluetooth device after it accepts and device perfectly paired.

If you know about the Apple’s fast pairing technology introduced earlier for Airpods and now the Android’s fast pair technology same and clearly competitor. The Bluetooth supported devices makers can easily work with the Google and make the devices simply supportive to the fast pair on all devices Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher versions.

Requirements For Fast Pair Technology:-

The Bluetooth technology based android fast pair technology includes some requirements should encounter for the device accept to work.

  • Devices should contain Android 6.0 version and above.
  • Google play services updated 11.7 or above.
  • Bluetooth enabled the device for fast pair technology.

Working Process of Fast Pair Technology:-

The fast pair technology utilizes the traditional feature of Bluetooth technology to easily and quickly pair. Besides, the fast pair uses the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Android devices location to explore with the new Bluetooth pairing technology close proximity. Once, the device detects the Bluetooth compatible accessory, it instantly displays the notification request the user to pair the device. It shows the Bluetooth product with the close proximity and user make sure connecting to the appropriate product. Everything happens automatically that you don’t need to go with the Bluetooth settings.

When you bring the device closer to the Android device which supports the new fast pair technology with the location services and Bluetooth turned on and the device will start a scan for packets of the fast pair. If it detects the packet, now the mobile sends the packet instantly to the Google servers to get the essential details under Bluetooth devices like image, companion app and product name.

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