Android Go : Things You Need to Know

Seems like Google isn’t stopping at anything. With all the success that they’re having, they still have plans on conquering even more of the smartphone market. Taking prime position among the flagships with their Pixel line up of devices seems like they also have something in mind for the entry-level and budget smartphone users. Let’s take a look at Google’s latest initiative Android Go, and what it has in store for the world.

What is Android Go?

This year at Google I/O held in May, Google had made an announcement regarding making latest versions of Android available to even the lowest end Android smartphones. Today Google kept to its promise and has released Android Oreo (Go Edition) targeted entry-level phones. So does it mean that the same Android oreo will be installed on both high-end and Low-end phones? Well, that’s not the case.

Android GO

This is what Google offers. When Google promises Android Oreo for entry-level devices, it provides a toned down variant of the O.S. This is done by developing lightweight apps, that comes with a “Go” tag along with them. These apps by Google including the main Google app, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail, and so on. The recent Files Go App was just an indication of what’s to come. Seems that the new Datally app was also released keeping in mind these specific set of users.SD card

Android Go will be implemented through three channels. The OS, the Apps, and the Play store. The optimized OS is designed to run on Low-end smartphones having RAM from 512MB to 1GB. The reduced size of the OS along with the light-weight apps bring the existing free space to be doubled, compared to devices running conventional Android OS. The preinstalled apps are said to occupy only 50 percent of what was previously used. By taking advantage of Google’s Building for Billions development guidelines, other creators should be able to produce apps optimized for Android Go. Since all this has to do a lot with the lightweight apps, an exclusive play store will be provided to download such lightweight apps. Google will have a featured apps sections with certain apps recommended for these devices with lower configurations.

Android GO OS, APPS

Availability of Android Go

Since manufacturers have got their hands on Android Oreo Go edition, it will be available to users by next year. The Android Go is targetted to communities in India and Brazil, where the number of new users is increasing drastically. The Indian market has now more users than the US, so the first variant of Android Oreo GO is expected to release in India. This might not be happy news for China as Googles apps are not available there.

It is great to see that Google is reaching out to the new user and creating an equal opportunity for everyone to make full use of their services, be it rich or poor people. Flagship or Budget, its gonna be the latest and greatest for everyone. I’m certainly looking forward to it. Are you?

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