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This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone

As the Android family grows, it is becoming harder for an invisible Android spy app to cover every smartphone available in the market. As a result, users have started experiencing performance issues on different handsets. A Samsung spying app may not give the same performance on a Huawei cell phone. Similarly, HTC spying apps are not compatible with LG phones and so on.

Android Spy App

This incompatibility of the spyware has kicked many out of the race. In this scenario, only a few spyware available in the market claim to be compatible with almost every Android phone. Xnspy is one such brand that is included among the top 5 Android monitoring apps. This spyware claims optimal performance on any Android smartphone with a number of monitoring features.

Android Spy App

How Compatible is this Spy App?

As discussed earlier, there are hundreds of Android phone makers in the world. With Android being a freeware, more and more cell phone manufacturers are venturing into the market using this platform. It indeed becomes difficult for a developer to cover every single mobile company.

Android Spy App

Consequently, you would not see many companies offering its software on a wide range of Android cell phones. They either have to settle for a small group of cell phone companies or the users have to root their Android phones to avail their services. The Xnspy invisible Android spy app requires neither of these conditions. It is a spying app for Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Huawei, OPPO and any other Android phone out there.

Another way it facilitates is that you can install this app without rooting your cell phone and even if it is rooted, it works just fine.

This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone 1

If you further want to know the compatibility of your phone, you can visit their website where they have a separate section for this.

How to Install this Samsung Spying App?

Installing this app is not a hard task. If you think that you need to go through a cumbersome technical process, then you can relax. The app is easy to install and does not take more than 5 minutes to get integrated with the target phone. But obviously, there is a procedure that has to be followed.

This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone 2

This third party app is not found in Google Play Store like other apps. Just go to their website and subscribe to it first. You will receive an email on the registered email address. It will contain your login details, a download link and some instructions to follow.

Now get hold of the target Android phone and open the download link in its browser. Install the app once it is downloaded. And you are ready to monitor. Remember the app is invisible and there is no sign of its installation on the cell phone.

What can it do?

This LG spyware app has a variety of features to offer for android monitoring. Here are some of the features:

This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone 3

  • Call monitoring features: The Xnspy app offers you a variety of way to monitor the calls on an Android phone. It can record incoming and outgoing calls. After recording, they are uploaded to your account where you can listen to them anytime. But you may not always be free and your job and work and not allow you to listen to all the calls. In this case, you can simply have a look at the call history of the phone. This will include the contact number, date and time of the call.

This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone 4

  • Social Media Messenger Spying: Every cell phone user uses different social media platforms to post about their lives and relations. Facebook and WhatsApp are nowadays used more than the conventional calling and messaging methods. Chats have become faster and cheaper medium to communicate. The HTC mobile spy software empowers you to monitor all the famous social media messengers. You can see all the chats in WhatsApp messenger on an Android phone. Besides chats, you can see the information of the calls including the contact number, time, and date of the call. The other instant messengers monitored by the app include Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Instagram, Kik, Line etc.

This Invisible Android Spy App Works with Every Android Phone 5


Not many apps in the market offer a wide range compatibility that Xnspy invisible Android spy app offers. With the compatibility and the variety of features, it proves to be a bargain at this price.

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