Video Editing Apps 101: Best 2 for Android!

If you’re using your Android device to create your videos, then in this article we’re going to cover two pieces of Android software or Android apps that you need to look at if you’re interested in editing those videos on your Android device.

Getting Started

In case you have gone through the Google Play Store looking for video editing apps, then you might realize how much variety there is. In actual fact, a lot of those apps aren’t proper editing apps and they’ll just generate some sort of random video based on the app deciding what’s included and what isn’t. But the two apps that we’re going to discuss in this article are the closest that you’ll get to mimicking editing that you’d find on your normal computer.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t going to be a full in-depth review of these two apps. It’s merely our suggestion after trialing and testing many of the apps that are available for video editing in the Android app store.


Now, in an ideal situation, if you are filming on your Android device, then we would recommend that you transfer the files off your device and edit on your PC or your Mac. You’re gonna have far more control and creativity. If for whatever reason, you need to edit on your Android device, these are the two apps that we would recommend because they are the closest at mimicking desktop video editing on your Android device.

Cyberlink PowerDirector


And the first app that we like to recommend you take a look at is Cyberlink PowerDirector. Now, Cyberlink has been around for years creating video editing software on Windows. And now they’ve transferred plenty of that power and performance across into their Android app further.


From the instant you open the app, it’s extremely intuitive and very easy to figure out and navigate around and acquire your videos edited. It’s extremely easy to chop, trim, to feature color effects, to feature voice-overs. as good as everything that you just want to try to to to edit your videos is found really simply.

It would be very easy for somebody even with no video editing experience to be able to create something pretty awesome during this app. This app also makes it extremely easy to actually get some control over your editing. And you’ll be able to get right all the way down to a frame-by-frame editing basis to form sure that your cuts are exactly where you would like them. And then, when it is time to share your video, it’s just a matter of hitting that share button and selecting where you would like your video to travel.

Multiple Video Layers

One of the key features that this app has that almost all other editing software doesn’t have, especially editing apps, is that the ability to own multiple video layers. So in Cyberlink PowerDirector, you’ll be able to even have two videos, which opens your editing up to a large amount of creativity and control. It also has some really powerful slow-motion tools additionally.


Now, Cyberlink PowerDirector is free within the Android app store. However, it’ll watermark all of your videos unless you get the professional version. But paying for the professional version or upgrading to the professional version is merely around $5 US. So after you pay the $5 to upgrade to the professional version, not only does it remove the watermarks– which then makes your videos usable– it also gives you additional features, like having the ability to use 1080p videos in your editing and export 1080p videos moreover.


Now, the second app that we feel is certainly worth testing is KineMaster, and it’s probably the foremost advanced editing app across any device, iOS or Android. So where KineMaster really stands out is that the ability to possess almost full control over everything in your editing process. Cyberlink PowerDirector allowed you to possess two video layers, which remains two quite most other editing apps. But KineMaster allows you to possess more.


The audio tools are fantastic and you’ll adjust the audio levels on each clip individually or across a whole track. you’ll also easily add sound effects, add music, record voice-overs, adjust your color, adjust your effects. you actually get control over everything. So by having of these advanced tools and advanced settings and options for you to manipulate with and tweak to essentially get some creative control over your editing, it does make the app less intuitive and slightly difficult to use than the likes of PowerDirector. But in saying that, it isn’t hard to use once you’re employed out where everything is.


Now, the same as PowerDirector, KineMaster is free in the Android app store. However, in order to remove the watermark, you need to pay them some money. And in this case, they’ve opted for a couple of different options.

Now, the identical as PowerDirector, KineMaster is free within the Google Play Store. However, so as to get rid of the watermark, you wish to pay them some money. And during this case, they’ve opted for a pair of various options.

If you’re creating videos and you are looking to edit on your Android device, there really is not an app that has the facility this one does. So as was mentioned within the beginning, this is not an in-depth review of those two apps. These are just 2 recommendations from our end after trialing and testing an absolute ton of them from the Play Store.
What we’d actually recommend you are doing is to download both of them and have a play with both of them and see which one works best for you.

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