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iOS 13: Top 5 Exciting Features!

Here we have given the top 5 features of iOS 13, here we go!


iOS 13

Going from bottom to top, on number 5, we have the speed optimizations. Apple has made some pretty bold claims about iOS 13 speed vs the already fast iOS 12. They went along the lines of:

30% Faster Face ID Unlock
50% Smaller Packages for App Downloads
60% Smaller Packages for App Updates
2x Faster App Launch Speeds

Wow! This means that there will be much faster downloads, and installation of apps, especially the bigger ones.

Shared Audio

iOS 13

On number 4, we have shared wireless audio so, this is just like a headphone splitter but, for Airpods. So, in WWDC 2019, Apple showed this on stage as two people sort of holding their iPhones near each other and then enabling audio sharing so they can, basically, hear the same thing from one source.

You must be thinking about the usefulness of this feature. There is a reason why it was added to iOS 13, right? Well, that could be pretty handy for two people sitting next to each other, on a plane watching the same movie together but, both with wireless headphones or maybe going for a run with someone and both listening to the same music at the same time. So, this can be pretty helpful in scenarios like that.

The ‘New’ Keyboard

iOS 13

Android’s had this feature for over a decade now but, Apple has finally decided to change the history and the stock keyboard in iOS 13 finally has swipe typing and that’s it.

Previously, you could do that with third-party keyboards like Swype and Google Keyboard, if you installed them on your iPhone in the past but, now it will be all built-in so you will have all your keyboard suggestions and everything you are used to in one place with swipe typing.

Okay, so the last three updates were a bit more minor but, the next two are pretty major.


iOS 13

So, number two is perhaps the overhaul of maybe one of the top 3 most used apps on anyone’s iPhone: the photo app! You must be wondering what’s new? Basically, in iOS 13 the user interface is organized a bit different and it gets a bunch of new features.

So, at the bottom, you will find a couple of different photo modes, you have off photo mode which is literally a grid of everything, then days mode which lets you scroll through the best photos you’ve taken each day with sort of smart highlights of certain ones that think you’ll like, similarly for months and years.

When you are actually in a photo, the editing controls are pretty sweet, they got an upgrade, they’re much more extensive, smartly laid out and fluid, you can do auto-adjustments if you want or dig down into there with contrast and color sharpening, noise reduction and there is also red-eye correction built-in and you can still mess with the same filters as before but, the best part to this anyway is that all of this also applies to videos, which is pretty amazing!

Dark Mode

iOS 13

That brings us to number one, perhaps the most anticipated feature of iOS; the dark mode in iOS 13. So, love it or hate, people have been wishing and asking for it for a few years. The default all-white colors of iOS can be blinding so, now iOS 13 provides Apple users with a system-wide dark mode. You can enable it from the control center and it turns all your stock apps, menus, and widgets dark. Dark backgrounds, light text; the whole stock user interface.

iOS 13

With that, there are also some new wallpapers to go with it, built into iOS 13. So, the couple new ones with a little dark and light logo in the corner are dark mode compatible so, they will automatically switch when you toggle the dark mode. So, there it is, the Dark Mode FINALLY in iOS 13.

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