Camera Phone's camera hump

Samsung wants to shrink the camera phone hump to a leaner size

Considering camera phones these days, all are coming with the latest camera features and are getting better results as compared to their previous allies.

Samsung Galaxy S20

How to Change the Function of Side Button in Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra all launch Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant by default when the side button is long-pressed. Now, it is also possible to change the side button’s action so that it pulls up the power menu instead.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Ended Support for Samsung Galaxy S8 devices

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ series in the year 2017. Pioneer phones in the S series; they were some of the most revolutionary smartphone devices in Samsung’s listing. They were the first S-series devices to ditch the…

Work profile on Android

How to Easily Schedule the Work Profile on Android Phones

Google initially launched the work profile concept in 2018. This helps Android users reduce their smartphone usage for personal purpose, rather they can focus better on work.

Samsung's S-foldable's display

Samsung’s Double Folding and Rollable Phone Display Concept

Samsung is a leader in folding and flexible display technology

Gboard logo

Turn-Off Gboard’s Annoying Clipboard Suggestion

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app developed by Google for Android

meatspace vs cyberspace

Meatspace Vs Cyberspace?

let’s get the grip of each term meatspace and cyberspace individually.

In-display fingerprint technology

How does in-display fingerprint technology works

With time mobile phone technology has advanced so much that every personal detail is present in the palm of your hand i.e. through mobile devices. From access to your bank accounts to your grocery ordering; you name it every possible…