Best 3 Android Apps for the Latest News and Information

The contribution of technology cannot be interpreted by any means or measurement. It has certainly brought in a renaissance around the globe in each and every sphere as a tremendously amazing and awestriking phenomenon with a precedented growth. We look in utter fascination and admiration to the gifts of technology and science that have certainly changed the way of living and communication to a more convenient and simple way as compared to the earlier extremely tough and isolated life of mankind. The television set, newspaper, and radio were tremendously amazing and influencing steps towards the spread of information worldwide.

However, a recent remarkable advancement is the development of the world wide web and Android devices like smartphones and tablets that have truly turned the world into a global village adding an altogether new chapter to the history of media and mass communication. You can find and search for any latest news and piece of information that you require to learn about on the web itself. But the point is that it is not at all a good idea to search for the relevant news every time on the web and spend your precious time to locate the best accurate and precise source for yourself. But we have an alternative to this as well.

As the news channels forecast live shows and update you regarding anything important and latest that’s going on around the world, similarly several android apps have been developed in order to supplement the needs and requirements of a worker businessman, working women, students, etc. No wonder that social media is certainly approaching to become one of the most powerful mass communication tools around the world. But as for the recently available platform is that of news apps that update you at your convenience anywhere and anytime, be it in a traffic jam, a college break, an off class of a teacher, lunch break of an employee,  or any other available time of yours.

Best 3 Android News And Information Apps

In a word, the main aim is to reach that audience that has no time to spend on the television set due to busy schedules or any other reason. And with the increasing population of the world that lives literally on smartphones nowadays, these apps have proved successful in reaching their goals and meet up to the demands of the reader’s and viewers.

So if you are a busy or tight scheduled businessman, a housewife, a student or simply a general knowledge crazy person, that wants to get an easy access to the latest technology news or related to sports, entertainment, business, startups, current affairs or anything of that sort then you must  grab one of these apps certainly.

Here  I have researched and picked up some of the best news apps for you and you can just scroll down to choose the one that’s made for you. (yes sometimes it happens that we feel that this particular news or song or serial or costume or a pair of shoes or a piece of writing is  definitely for us or made in accordance to our personality.)

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Best Android Apps for All the Latest News and Information.


1. Flipboard
2. Google Play Newsstand
3. BBC news


Flipboard App Download

The one and only award-winning platform where you get an organized array of news, popular stories, and conversations related to your passion and interest. The app is used by millions of people every day and has everything to offer from technology, photography,  Halloween, sports, startups, food, and fashion proving itself as one of the most beautiful and presentable means of reading, sharing and collecting stories from the world. Download the app and select the genres of your interest and passion so that the app can create a magazine with the collection of topics of your choice or publish your own Custom magazine and full it with the best content from the online resources. Read the latest bit of news and information from the world’s best publications including The New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, Forbes, and many more.

Flipboard: The Social Magazine
Flipboard: The Social Magazine

Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand

One of the best destinations for you to browse about thousands of topics from premium news sources and magazines for free which include the wall street journal, the New York Times, Quartz, Vox, vanity fair, people, refinery 29, fast company and other leading publications. You have access to a variety of modes defending upon you whether you just want to scan and have a quick glance at the headlines or a detailed and in-depth coverage of the piece of news. You can also opt for the recommendations by Google’s search engine personalized to your search history to save your time. A fast and efficient app that adjusts to your device format where you can even save articles and videos to watch later or when the internet connection is not available.

Google News - Daily Headlines
Google News - Daily Headlines

BBC News App

BBC News

This particular app has been ranked as one of the best of its kind by the maximum of its users with a fresh content,  greater personalization, and an overall A+ performance. News stories selected from the most trusted global network of journalists worldwide. The app automatically adds the newsfeed into your inbox based on your selection of topics and customization. Search for the topics you want to read or choose from the suggestions by the app according to your last searches or manage to stay on top of the news of the day.

Well, we can conclude that for an all-rounder and pacemaker in this fast and realistic world,  it has become crucial and essential for anyone in any sphere of life to  make sure that they are updated about the advancements continuously proceeding through out the world and current affairs. Subsequently, these apps have provided a one stop solution for the seekers and it had never been this easy to access the latest piece of information, thanks to the legends working hard to facilitate technology and it’s awareness.

BBC News
BBC News
Price: Free

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