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Best 5 Android Reminder Apps in 2021

Here are the best 5 Android reminder apps that you can use to boost your productivity and get things done on time!

Being organized is the basic step in managing your life, time and your daily routine, in a productive manner. Shaping your life around the time bound routine is helpful in every walk of life. As students we used to list up the tasks and schedule the classes, assessments assignments were done by to-do list or setting up and updated calendar app.

In professional life importance of scheduling the meeting or any training for the staff or peers multiplied, and became essential part of being organized. Lastly even to date reminder about taking the extensive grocery list along for shopping comes in handy. Recalling children’s extracurricular events, PTMs, tests schedules along with your work routine can all be organized better by keeping a reliable reminder checklist.

But to instill these reminders a trigger or a nudge from daily routine is required. The best reminder is the one that is completely automated- you set it up once and forget about it, trusting the trigger will pop up when needed.

Various apps for the above given purpose are available these days. Today in this article we will be taking a look at some reminder apps that are focused on making sure you get reminded about your upcoming tasks and projects. Take a look at best 5 Android reminder apps that you can use to get things done on time, and help you keep organized!

Best reminder app

Best 5 Android Reminder Apps

Google Keep Notes

It is one of the versatile productivity app of all times. While its main features revolve around creating lists and keeping them organized one among the foremost prominent features in Google Keep Notes is that the ability to set reminders for specific notes. We really only mentioned Keep Notes in this list for the people who have it with them; but were unaware of the reminder feature it offers.

Download this app from following URL:

To Do Reminder with Alarm

This app is built for the only purpose of reminding you about your tasks. With minimal user interface, tasks can be created under different labels and reminders can be added to every one of them. You can even set your reminder tone. Overall, this app covers all the aspects that a best reminder app should have.

Download this app from following URL:


The next app on our list of best Android reminder apps is Heynote. This app features a really good way to be always reminded about your tasks. Instead of giving notifications for your reminders, this app creates a custom wallpaper for your home screen and also lock screen that you can customize to add various tasks.

Just Reminder with Alarm

This app is resembles To Do Reminder with Alarm app mentioned on this list. It has an easy to understand user interface with many customizability. Ability to create tasks and add specific reminders to them are key features in this app. In addition to above tasks, other reminders like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events important to you can also be added. You can add images to your reminders, and set the reminder to repeat as well. The Smart Bills feature makes it simpler for you to stay track of the bills you’ve paid and which are due. Overall, this is a really good app to stay track of your upcoming tasks and get done with them on time.

Microsoft To-Do

Ending our list of the best Android reminder apps, comes the turn of Microsoft To-Do. This is an app used not only keep a track of upcoming assignments or work but also as a reminder app. The best thing about this app is its minimal user interface and cross-platform capabilities. Having this installed on your computer or phone; it is ensured that reminder is received regardless of which device you use. Microsoft To-Do is an app with much greater capabilities than simply the reminder feature.

Download this app from following URL:

Listed above were the best Android Reminder Apps in 2021! These key apps can help to keep track of your upcoming tasks that will be very helpful for managing your everyday jobs and responsibilities effectively.

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