Best Dash Cam Apps for Android to Use in 2020

Make Your Phone a Dash Cam

Here are some best Dash Cam apps for Android which are in trend right now. Many of us use them to record video while driving. Some other useful benefits of dash cam apps are loop record and collision detection so that they can detect collision. In this article, we are going to discuss the best dashcam apps for android to use in 2020. It is also used to track the location of a car using GPS location. As we know there are many apps are available in the market.

Best Dash Cam Apps For Android Phones

3 Best Dash Cam Apps for Android in 2020

So, if you are looking for the best dash cam apps for your Android phone here we go:

1. AutoBoy Dash Cam app

AutoBoy Dash Cam app

AutoBoy is one of the best dashcam apps particularly if you want to run it in the background. Yes, you can use your phone for browsing and other stuff while this app will record in the background. This app has very advanced features which include auto-zoom, focus, and grid line while recording. It deletes the old files automatically when storge reaches to the maximum allowed limit.

This app comes with a collision detecter which stops recording as soon as it detects a collision. This app supports 12 languages so you can use it seamlessly. Users can choose frame ratio, audio quality, recording cycle as well as video quality. If you want to listen to music while recording your journey this app can help you a lot.

2. DailyRoads Voyager App

3 Best Dash Cam Apps for Android in 2020

DailyRoads Voyager app can also work as a perfect dash cam app. It comes with looped video function in which the user can set the video length and quality according to the need. You can also get a time-lapse video feature in this app. Its shock sensor immediately locks the video after detecting a collision. All the videos are saved by the time and geolocation using GPS so that users can get precise information. Although GPS can be disabled to save battery.

Most importantly it can start or start recording with the shut up and the shut down of the car. It also comes with features like brightness adjustments, filters, built-in file manager, and overheating protection. Like AutoBoy it can also run in the background. Sometimes apps can bother you but overall it is one of the best dashcam apps in this list.

3. Dashcam 9 App

Dashcam 9 app

Dashcam 9 app is named after its nine outstanding features. This app is really one of the best dashcam apps as it has a very easy interface. Videos are recorded with time, speed, and location for the perfect recording. Old videos are automatically deleted if they exceed the limits. You can save the videos either an external drive or internal drive. It also creates a separate file of a collision that is 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the collision.

The most advanced feature of this app is that you can add a physical camera with this app to use in the ap interface. You can simultaneously record both and front view which make this app very special. Both sides will appear on the screen. This app is now working on screen off mode which is still in progress. Overall this app will offer you everything that a dashcam app must-have.

When Not to Use Dash Cams?

Dashcams can be very useful especially for frequent travelers. But we should also take care of when to use dashcams. Here are some cons of using dashcam apps over physical dashcam:

Long-distance: You should avoid using dashcam apps during long-distance travel because when you travel far it takes lots of memory to store it and long-distance recording will overwrite itself. So, you will not get the full recording of your trip.

Phone use: You should use physical dashcams if you use your phone regularly because while using and recording simultaneously can drain your battery fast. You will also not get a perfect view of your trip while surfing.

Final Words

These were the best dash cam apps you can use while traveling. We have discussed the features and benefits of using dashcam apps. We also have discussed the difference between physical dashcam and an app. If you want to record your next trip video, you must use one of these free dashcam apps so that you can have a good memory of that trip.

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