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Best Free RPG Games for Android in 2020

Now you can play RPG games world on your android phone without any disturbance of payments.

Want to know some Best Free RPG Games for Android? Here is our guide that will help you get the best hit RPG games.

Role-playing games are one of the most played and loved genres of Android games. Smartphone users love to play these games as they can enjoy their time without thinking about their small playing screens. But, still, there are tons of gamers who want to play the role of another. 

Gamers take these things very seriously as this is like their life and death situations. Some mobile software helps them to play these type of role-playing games so they can get what they basically want. This is a great way of getting your desire no matter where you are and what you have, many people get so involved that their one hour becomes much more.

Now if you start looking for those top-rated RPG games then you’re gonna waste a lot of your time and maybe end up to some boring suggestions, so here we have gathered the 10 best free RPG games for Android that will be your partner in your leisure time.

Top 10 Best Free RPG Games for Android:

It is hard to find out a good RPG game for yourself when we have a diverse variety. It doesn’t matter if you are a loyal player or new to this niche games, we have gathered a list of the Best Free RPG Games for Android that will give you a good company when you’ll need it.

Azur Lane:

Azur Lane Gacha

Azur Lane is a Japanese anime character RPG game that also offers you to watch anime. The game starts when you basically form a team of anthropomorphic ships and send them all to the battlegrounds.

This game is a gacha of a very popular profitable model in japan with a mix of RPG, 2D shooter, and tactical genres. If you want some weapons and other gadgets in the game you can spend your virtual money but sometimes you have to pay for those through IAP.

Arcane Quest 3:

Arcane Quest 3

This is a turn-based game through which you can taste adventure, role-playing, and strategy elements all in one. The Best free RPG game for android and those who love classic games.

The story is based on revenge and redemption that lets you restore the honor and save your people during battles. A real-time multi-player quest which is targeted to hardcore RPG players.

Star Conflict Heroes:

Star Conflict Heroes

The next best game is Start Conflict Heroes that is a sci-fi space action game where your fight begins with other players on a galactic journey.

The tactical combat will see you commanding an armada to gain more starships and upgrading them and he’ll see your actions against bosses, aliens, and even real-time pirates. A very interesting story an adventurous game that will keep you awake all time.



Among other role-playing games, this game has a special status as it can be played offline. It has a classic gameplay style of hack-and-slash which is thrilling and reminds one of the older games of this style. The game has different storylines and a plethora of enemies such as demons and robots for you battle against and defends your homeland. The thrill of slaying strong monsters, crafting items from materials received from killing monsters gives one a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. The game is also free but with in-app purchases.



This role-playing game has been featured in Google Play’s ‘Best new games’ section and can easily make one addicted to it. The game controls are simply tapping, swiping, and sliding through which players send their heroes to battle and collect epic loot. The game is also challenging as it requires the implementation of tactics and tampering with one’s formations which truly put the players’ tactical thinking to test.

To deal with the hordes of monsters obstructing you in your missions, heroes are equipped with unique skills. The game has multiplayer game modes, PVP battles, co-op levels and more to enjoy.



Nintendo introduced one of its’ popular Role-playing games to mobile platforms. Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategic role-playing game in which players mainly move characters around the Fire Emblem universe on a checkerboard style map to attack enemies. Nintendo included many of the heroes from the original game series and many new characters created by Nintendo artists.

Play over 800 stages in the story mode with hundreds of heroes to do your bidding in battle as you see fit. Unfortunately, the game has a drawback lots of RPG games have: it can’t be played without an internet connection.



Dungeon Hunter 5 has a variety of different features although this does come at a cost- storage space. The game includes a vast amount of different skills and over 900 unique weapons to use and have fun with. Progression in the game’s storyline comes from advancing in dungeons to unlock new weapons, armor, and upgrades.

One cool thing is that the treasures you collect are stored in your own dungeon which requires the protection of your minions. A cool defense system in the form of trap rooms is also used to keep out monsters from your dungeon. The game has 69 huge levels in the campaign and you can also form a co-op with three friends or allies. The game is free and includes in-app purchases.



This game resembles old games because of its’ isometric design. It is a Single Player Role-Playing game in whose free version, players are the given the choice of either being a rogue or a warrior. The game has 15 different areas to explore and 15 quests to complete. You can also purchase the full game which unlocks everything and has an Iron Man mode, after which no purchases are necessary.

In the full game, we have 85 different areas 68 different quests to complete which gives one ton of gameplay to enjoy. You also have to make wise choices in the interactions you have between the hundreds of characters encountered in the game’s world. You can always customize your character to be ready for battle with the enemy.



This is the most popular game in Final Fantasy’s square Enix branch and includes in-app purchases. The game continues its’ classic tale of heroes and crystals and includes recurring loved and hated characters. The story is also about two young knights who set out on an adventure as their world is in crisis.

In this game, you have to complete dungeons and find hidden ways to lead you to your destination. The gameplay includes high-detailed graphics, an interactive battle system, and PVP with other players to win and earn rewards.


ZENONIA 5 - Best Free RPG Games for Android

Zenonia 5 is a classic hack-and-slash type RPG with incredible graphics and quick level progression. The gameplay style is mainly killing monsters and completing quests to move on. Zenonia 5 is the fifth in the continuation of the Zenonia series, the main theme revolving around Demons rebelling against the Creator, and the main characters going on adventures and gaining experience and equipment to grow stronger and defeat the demon lords. Like all the other Zenonia games, Zenonia 5 also has a PVP system in which players battle each other to grow and gain experience. 

Final Words:

In order to save your time, we have compiled this list of the top 10 Best Free RPG Games for Android. Any one of these games has its’ own unique flavor and will get you hooked up with ease. We have also chosen free games that are available for everyone to play. Since some players don’t like simple games with fewer actions in them Role-Playing games are just for them as they contain action as well as strategy and thinking and also they give one an immersive feeling, as if they were part of the storyline, which is the main idea and point of these games. We hope you find our list useful and these games enjoyable.

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