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Best Honor Phones Guide [Overall and Best Value]

Honor is a sub-brand of the Huawei group. This with its invention has led the Huawei brand to compete in the China market with respect to budget online brands. Honor sells its smartphones both via its own sites and the third party retailers. This brand provides low price phones because the main source of selling was online at the start, directly from the company. Here, we have described the best Honor phones (overall and best value).

Honor has made its place in the market via giving it a number of series of smartphones. For example V-series, N-series, X-series to mention a few.

Best Honor Phones (Honor 9 vs Honor 6X):

Now, how to choose the best one for you, it is a question which cannot be answered easily. But in this very article, we have divided honor phones into two categories for your ease:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Value

1. Best Overall: 

Best in overall specifications, we bring forward for you the latest model of honor that is Honor 9.

Honor 9

Best Honor Phones

This is something not to be surprised on because it is the very recent model, therefore claims and aims the topmost position in the Honor smartphones list. This model can deal with an excellent money value. It is something way awesome than Huawei software.

We are dividing its specifications below so that you can through having one quick glance at them decide to let it in or not.

  • Screen Display:

It is hitting the sweet spot in size. It has a large screen display of 5.15 inches. This owns an LCD 1080p display which is quite bright and vibrant.

  • Processor:

It has been fitted with the Kirin 960 CPU, thus making your phone’s performance too speedy.

  • Storage:

It possesses 4GB RAM, which favors all types of activities you carry on using Honor phone.

  • Camera:

Of course, a dual camera setup! This built-in feature makes this phone comparable to the Huawei P10. This camera uses a full colored 12-megapixel sensor along with another black and white sensor for clear daylight shots and stabilized shots in the dark. Although it does not have a Leica Brand and optical image stabilization.

  • Body:

This is a literal innovation in the Honor brand world! It has a metal and glass glitzy body.

  • Battery Life:

It possesses a fixed 3200mAh cell that can last for a day long.

  • Firmware:

It is on the Android Nougat run out of the box and would be updated to Oreo in 2018. This model of Honor is an excellent phone with a few software quirks that may take few seconds to adjust to.


The Honor 9 is not yet available in the U.S.

2. Best Value:

The only product that is sold in the U.S and is the most recently launched one there.

Honor 6X

Best Honor Phones

This model as its name says is of affordable price. You can get a decent phone with a decent price. Let us have a look at its characteristics below:

  • Screen Display:

A surprisingly good 1080p LCD display it has.

  • Processor:

This model owns an efficient Huawei Kirin 655 processor.

  • Storage:

It has 3GB RAM installed within. And a 32GB storage capacity.

  • Body:

It has a metallic shiny body on the outside.

  • Firmware:

It has a welcoming performance due to the updated recent Android 7.0 Nougat.

  • Fingerprint Scanner:

Top of else, for your biometric security this phone consists of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner located on its backside.


It lacks the oleophobic protective coating on its screen. It means that this can get gunked up pretty much easily with the fingerprints.

Above in the article, we have guided you with the best honor phones both features-wise and cost-wise. Now, which field is of your interest and which one are you going to have? Let us know your viewpoint below in the comments!

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