Work profile on Android

How to Easily Schedule the Work Profile on Android Phones

Google initially launched the work profile concept in 2018. This helps Android users reduce their smartphone usage for personal purpose, rather they can focus better on work.

Samsung's S-foldable's display

Samsung’s Double Folding and Rollable Phone Display Concept

Samsung is a leader in folding and flexible display technology

meatspace vs cyberspace

Meatspace Vs Cyberspace?

let’s get the grip of each term meatspace and cyberspace individually.

In-display fingerprint technology

How does in-display fingerprint technology works

With time mobile phone technology has advanced so much that every personal detail is present in the palm of your hand i.e. through mobile devices. From access to your bank accounts to your grocery ordering; you name it every possible…

Android backup data

What does Backup data from Android includes?

What is backup? A data backup is a process of copying or archiving information located in files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Why does Android need to backup? The…

Xiaomi Mi Mix fold waterproof tests

Is Mi Mix Fold Waterproof | Waterproof test

In this guide, we will discuss is the Mi Mix Fold waterproof or not by conducting waterproof tests. The Mi Mix fold has been another impressive addition to the Xiaomi lineup. The Xiaomi smartphone brand is known for providing users…


End-to-End Encryption a blessing or menace

Familiar with this end-to-end encryption message stated above, well this is from WhatsApp, a famous messenger service having millions of users around the world. WhatsApp using end-to-end encryption offers protection for sent photos, videos, locations, or voice messages. In this…

alarmy alarm clock app

7 best Alarm clock apps for Android

Many of us wake up on the sound of the alarm clock, first thing in the morning. It may sound boring and dull but trust me this is the prime step in organizing your day efficiently. There are many reminder…