Download Google Play Store APK v20.7.16 [All Versions]

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The Google Play Store is one of the most integral default application that comes with Android phones. It provides you a flawless platform through which you can interact with a database which holds millions of applications presented by millions of developers. The apps include all sorts of games, tools, social platforms and more. From this article, you get the latest version of the Google Play Store APK available for your Android device. We will provide you with all of the available versions and files of the Google Play Store APK which are available for download.

The Google Play Store is an app that opens a lot of opportunities for your phone and makes it a powerful Android device. Through this post, you can get the latest version at the time of publishing and the older versions as well as the Google Play Store APK. Just as mentioned above, the Google Play Store is a very essential app for an Android phone. Over the last few years, the Google Play Store has evolved into much more than an app just for installing other apps. The Google Play store also contributes to the security of your Android device, backup for Google accounts, and automatic app updates.

So if you want to get the Google Play Store APK files for the latest version or the older version, continue reading the article. From our list which is provided below, you can get the version of the Google Play Store APK of your choice.

Google Play Store APK

Is the Google Play Store Just for Android Apps and Games?

The Google Play Store was previously known as the Android Market. The Google Play store acts as a global database for millions of applications by various developers. A common misconception is that it is only for Android Apps and Games. In addition to the Android apps and games, it also contains music, various movies, TV shows, and books as well. The Android apps include all of Google’s certified and verified applications and games which consist of editor’s choice, tools, utilities, and much more.

Google provides back to back updates for the app with newer features. The periodic updates also help to prevent any security issues and also in order to stay one step ahead of developing APIs and Android revisions. If you have an old version of Android running on your phone, you may not be able to use the newer versions of the Google Play Store. You can try running some of the older versions of the app.

Google Play Store Not Installed

Due to political reasons, some countries like China manufacture phones without the Google Play Store or the Google Play Services pre-installed. China’s policy works this way and phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung have to adjust to this system. So if your phone does not have the Google Play services already installed, you would not be able to install these Google Play Store APK files and you would not be able to use them.

In that case, you will have to download the Google Installer v3 or you could just download the latest Google Apps ( GApps) package and flash a Custom ROM. You can browse through our Custom ROMs category to search for the best ROMs for your Android phone. The purpose of these Google Play Store APK files is to upgrade the previously existing installations on the phone rather than just installing new applications.

Download Google Play Store APK v20.7.16 [All Versions] 1

Google Play Store APP | Download Old Version

As mentioned above, you can get the older version of the Google Play Store from the list provided below. Downloading an older version of the Google Play Store APK is useful for Android devices that run on an older Android version. As discussed earlier, you can use the older versions of the app if you have an older Android version on your device. This also proves useful if the new version is not running properly or if it is causing problems. You can always use an older version that previously worked for you.

If you are a Google Play Store user, you would probably know that there are many errors that occur in the app. These errors occur while trying to install various apps and games from the app. An effective solution to this problem is to uninstall the current version you are using and install an older Google Play Store APK version or just uninstall all the updates from your version of the play store.

Download Google Play Store APK v20.7.16 [All Versions] 2

Download Google Play Store APK (All Versions)

Below, we have provided the list of all the Google Play Store APK files. The recent version and all the older versions are mentioned in this list. So go ahead and download the version of your choice.

VersionDownloadHow to install
Google Play Store 20.7.16 APKDownload
Google Play Store 18.3.13 APKDownload
Google Play Store 14.0.28 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.7.11 APKDownloadHow to install
Google Play Store 9.5.09 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.4.18 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.3.30 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.1.30 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.1.24 APKDownload
Google Play Store 9.1.23 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.3.42 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.3.41 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.2.58 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.2.56 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.2.55 APKDownloadHow to install
Google Play Store 8.2.40 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.2.38 APKDownload
Google Play Store 8.2.37 APKDownload

If you find it difficult to download the Google Play Store APK files on your phone or if you do not know how to install an APK file, you can check out our guide on How to download APK files manually.

We hope that you found this article useful. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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