Download LiveSuit Tool (All Versions)

LiveSuit is a small tool that allows you to flash stock firmware image on Allwinner CPU based smartphone and tablets((including Allwinner A10, A13, A20, A31 chipsets). This is a one-touch solution to fix your device and does not require any Android expertise or any complex codes.This application has been provided by the company themselves, so the little or no risk involved in using this. This is similar to Phoenix Suit. but this application supports a wider range of chipsets. You can now download LiveSuit from the given links.

Download LiveSuit All Versions

LiveSuit is developed by Allwinner as an installation application for computer systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) to flash the NAND for Allwinner chips.This actually helps when you’ve damaged or bricked your device or if system files are corrupted and lead to bootloops. There is similar software for this purpose. But where the Live Suit stands out is its compatibility with MacOS. Let’s check out some features of this product

Features of LiveSuit

Flash Stock Firmware:

FLashing Stock firmware on your Allwinner device has never been easier. Just, load the firmware in the Live Suit and click on the System Upgrade to begin flashing.

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Upgrade Wizard:

Live Suit has an Upgrade wizard option which takes you through a step by step walkthrough in flashing the firmware. This is a mandatory option, so you have to choose it to flash the firmware


This feature is for Internet synchronization and upgrading the firmware.Please do not press this button during the upgrade.

User Guide:

The app also comes with  user guide in case you get any doubts or second thoughts about using the software

Things to remember

  • This software is for Allwinner CPU based smartphone and tablets((including Allwinner A10, A13, A20, A31 chipsets).It will not work for devices using other chipsets.
  • You must install the correct ADB drivers for your device, or else the software will not detect your device.
  • Flashing your device will wipe all your personal data, so backup your device before the upgrade.
  • This software has Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility, so no matter which OS you use, its fine.

Download LiveSuit Tool


Link: Live Suit Windows v 1.11


Link: Live Suit Linux 32 Bit

Link: Live Suit Linux 64 bit

Mac OS

Link: Live Suit for Mac

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