Download Viddsee App to Watch Asian Short Indie Films

Download Viddsee App to Watch Asian Short Indie Films: Everyone like the big blockbusters but there are also some low budget movies which most people are a fan of. If you are one of them and a fan of Short Indie Films you must have heard about the Viddsee, if you haven’t before, today we are going to tell you about it. The Android app Viddsee has a gathering of the most entertaining and zealous short Indie films. This app concentrates on working and showing films of Asia.

Here we are discussing the long 2-3 hours long films but the short films of 5, 10, 15 minutes. Viddsee app daily updates the new films for the viewers. Viddsee has different genres like drama films, horror films, documentaries, and comedy. Some other titles like important women’s problems, sexuality are also delivered by Viddsee.  These short films match with your work and you can watch them in your free time. You can download the application on your smartphone. You can also access their website if you are a desktop user. Now proceed to the given link to download Viddsee app to watch Asian short Indie films.

Download Viddsee App

Features Of Viddsee App

Viddsee has a lot of features like English subtitles, offline playbacks, etc.  The offline tracks in the app start syncing their self when the device is connected to a Wifi connection. You can easily sign-in at Viddsee by your Facebook accounts. After sign-in you can easily select the topics you are interested in and make your own feed.

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Download Viddsee App to Watch Asian Short Indie Films

There are two options on the videos, one is “Read” and the second is “Watch”. You can read a little about the film before starting watching it or you can simply watch the film directly. All the films have a little bit of description below just like the YouTube videos. Alright here is the official list of All the Viddsee app features.

  • The applications daily enter latest short films. You can browse for the trending films and the latest ones
  • They have a community which you can join and have your queries solved
  • Receive specially curated weekly films just for you.
  • You can line up your preferred films and watch them later in your free time
  • There is a feature of offline viewing so you can download a film when you have internet access and watch it later
  • All the films have English Subtitles

Permission Required By Viddsee

There is permission required by the Viddsee app to show you films

Here is the list of permissions required by Viddsee and the reason why the app needs these permissions

  • Storage– To save the films for your offline playbacks
  • Run at Startup and view network connections – To download the offline films when you are connected to Wifi
  • Find accounts on device– For logging in fast at Facebook
  • Set an Alarm- To give you notifications
  • Prevent phone from sleeping– To keep the screen on while watching a film on your phone.
Developer: Viddsee
Price: Free
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