Download YGDP Tool V5.00 – How To Flash CPB File with YGDP Tool

YGDP Tool is a windows-based flash tool that is used to flash stock firmware that has .cpb file extension on any Android phone. So if you need to flash firmware file has .cpb format then you will need the YGDP flash tool.

Here, we are going to share the latest and the official version of the YGDP Tool, which is YGDP Flash Tool V5.00. Follow the given guide to download the tool and instructions on how to flash CPB firmware using YGDP Tool.

Check out some of the highlighted features of this tool.


YGDP Flash Tool Features:

Flash Stock Firmware – YGDP Tool supports almost all Android smartphones. This tool enables you to flash stock or custom firmware on Android devices which are in CPB format. All you need to install the YGDP utility on your PC, then launch it. After that load, the CPB Firmware on YGDP utility and connect your phone to the PC. Once the firmware is fully loaded, begin flashing the firmware by clicking on the Start button.

All Windows Versions – YGDP tool has compatibility with all the versions of Windows such as XP, Vista or 7. Also, you can use this tool with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. The user interface is plain and simple.

Flash PreResource/IMG File – You can use the YGDP tool to flash any resource files which generally have .img file extension. To flash the PreResource/IMG file, navigate to YGDP and click on the Config, and then under Please select PreResource file, locate the IMG file that you want to flash on your device and click on Start to begin flashing.

Checking Out Info – If your smartphone or tablet has Qualcomm Chipset, you can use the YGDP tool to check out the device name, check eMMC CID, check fuse info, check instruments info which is helpful in troubleshooting and repairing.

We recommend you to use the latest version of the YGDP Tool for more stability.

File Name: (Latest Version)
File Size: 10.2 MB
Compatible With: Windows Computer

Download YGDP Flash Tool V5.00 For Windows

Things To Remember Before Using YGDP Tool

  • Take a backup of your personal data before doing anything on your device. Because YGDP utility will delete your personal data during the flashing process.
  • All credits go to Coolpad Inc for creating and sharing the free YGDP Tool.
  • The password for accessing the YGDP Flash tool is 9527 or 369 by default. This tool is not working on Linux or macOS.
  • It is mostly required for devices of companies like Coolpad, YU, and likewise.
  • Please note that the YGDP flash tool is used to flash CPB stock firmware files only. Do not flash stock firmware files with other file extensions with it, as it can damage your device.

How To Flash CPB File With YGDP Tool

If you want to learn how to use YGDP tool to flash CPB firmware, then go ahead and follow the given steps on how to flash CPB file with YGDP Tool V5.00.

Step 1: First, download YGDP Tool from the above link and install it on your PC

Step 2: Now, Open YGDP Flashing Tool.

Step 3: After the YGDP Flashing Tool is launched, you have to enter the Password 369 or 9527 and click on the Login button.


Step 4: Click on the Config button on the main screen of the YGDP Tool.


Step 5: Now add the CPB firmware (browse and choose the CPB firmware that you want to flash on your android device).


Step 6: Click on the Apply button.


Step 7: Connect your Android device to the PC.

Step 8: Next, click the Start button to initiate the flashing process.


Step 09: Finally, a green Upgrade Successful pop up will appear after the flashing is completed.

Done! You have successfully flashed stock firmware with YGDP Flash Tool V5.00 on your Android. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any questions or queries.

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