Emerald An Ultra-Lightweight Launcher App

Almost every Android user at some point uses launcher application for this device. The launcher applications are so useful for the users because they manage the applications and helps the user to modify stuff on their smartphones as they want. These launchers also give a nice and friendly interface and act as a personal assistant. The launcher applications also help you to easily access important information on our mobile like messaging, calendar events etc. Launchers are the most downloaded application on the plays store. There are so many different launchers available at play store and that’s why selecting the best launcher for your device is not easy.

Here today we are going to talk about a Launcher application. This application is designed to be ultra-lightweight launcher application. The name of this launcher application is Emerald. Emerald is a lightweight launcher application suitable for low-end smartphones with having less RAM and processor. Emerald is a great home screen replacement application available at play store. Let’s talk about the features of this application.

Emerald An Ultra-Lightweight Launcher App 1

Emerald Features

Following features are included in this launcher

  • It supports icon packs
  • Web and application search
  • Shows the history of recent apps
  • It has resizable layout
  • It runs on Android 1.6 and up

Emerald An Ultra-Lightweight Launcher App 2

Parts Of Emerald Launcher

  • The top bar
  • The application window
  • The dock

The Top Bar

It has a sandwich menu for quick access to setting and to refresh the application list. This menu also contains a search button. There is an option of adding your favorites application in it you can add or remove any application you want.

The Application Window

This window is designed for the application’s shortcuts. This application window of Emerald launcher is very customizable. You can change the displaying type of application, they can be displayed in a grid or in list form. You can also change icons and modify font size.

The Dock

Just tap and hold the application icon there will be Add to Dock options there select it to add it to the dock. The dock is placed at the bottom of the application just like other launcher applications.

Emerald An Ultra-Lightweight Launcher App 3

You can also change the background colors there is also a transparent background option.

Emerald launcher is quite great for low-end devices as it only requires a little memory to run.

Emerald Launcher - Light & Fas
Emerald Launcher - Light & Fas

Emerald is ad free application. Another great feature about this application is that it is also available on F-droid. So, you can install this application without google services on your device.

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