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End-to-End Encryption a blessing or menace

End-to-end encryption

Familiar with this end-to-end encryption message stated above, well this is from WhatsApp, a famous messenger service having millions of users around the world. WhatsApp using end-to-end encryption offers protection for sent photos, videos, locations, or voice messages. In this article, we are going to dig deep into the actual meaning of end-to-end encryption.

What is End-to-end Encryption:

END-TO-END ENCRYPTION is the assurance that data is kept hidden until it reaches the intended recipient. Hereby data we mean any kind of communication that could be email, message, video conference, voice chat, or file storage, etc. Adding on to it once the data is reached to its desired recipient there is a chance of eavesdropping by the third party; here third party could be the networking company itself, or cybercriminals, etc.

Due to fear of threats from hackers taking hold of the data transfer over Wi-Fi and other means of internet. Even the phones are becoming more secure from viruses, of sending information over the internet has increased and that makes us prone to being fired by cybercriminals. End-to-end encryption is the answer to all the doubts above.

How does encryption work:

Encryption works by encoding data (messages or files) so that only the recipient can read or access that data. It uses complex algorithms to scramble the data being sent. Once received, the data can be unlocked using a key provided by the originator of the message. This complex algorithm for encryption is of two types:

Symmetric Encryption Algorithm

Symmetric encryption is a type of encryption where only one key (a secret key) is used to both encrypt and decrypt electronic information. By using symmetric encryption algorithms, data is converted to a form that cannot be understood by anyone who does not possess the secret key to decrypt it. It is a simpler method of encryption. Smaller key lengths are used to encrypt the data.

Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm

Asymmetric encryption is a type of encryption where key pair is used for encryption and decryption. These keys are known as the public keys and private keys. Thanks to the key pair, it’s a more complex process. Asymmetric encryption ensures encryption, authentication, and non-repudiation. It is slower than symmetric encryption and requires higher computational power because of its complexity. It is ideal for applications where a small amount of data is used by ensuring authentication.

Types of Encryption

At its core, end-to-end encryption is an example of asymmetric encryption. As it protects the data so it can only be read on the two ends, by the sender, and by the recipient.

Advantages and Disadvantages of End-to-end encryption:

There are various advantages but some disadvantages of end-to-end encryption


The biggest advantage of end-to-end encryption is that unauthorized persons cannot access

personal data.

End-to-end encryption promotes data protection and prevents unauthorized access to personal data. However, encryption makes it impossible to monitor or eavesdrop on messages because the keys needed to decrypt them are missing.

End-to-end encryption also applies to the exchange of information including attachments such as photos or documents. Even the location cannot be identified due to the end-to-end encryption, this keeps the private data is secured and confidential with credibility.


Although End-to-end encryption is a plus for data protection, law and order-making authorities try to gain access to these undiscovered virtual spaces. They want to access encrypted messages and data in order to detect criminal activities earlier.

These end-to-end encryptions possess law and order being overlooked at the face of confidentiality of users.

Freedom beyond the limits of laws is a menace. This comes in the category of misuse of technology. There has to be a track of illegal activities that could be advertised or propagated through the internet.


There are both benefits and downside of end-to-end encryption. This no doubt is good news for users and companies where data security is critical and sensitive, but at the same time, this end-to-end encryption is also agitating the upholders of law and order.

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