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How to Erase Google Play Store Search History

Google Play Store
How to delete the search history from Google Play store

Why is it important to delete the Play store search history:

Do you feel annoyed, looking at the long list of search history you saw previously, in your Google Play store search box.

Especially embarrassing situation comes up when you share your device with somebody else or search for any app in front of them; you might not want them to see the items you’ve been searching for. (AWKWARD)

Apart from the privacy invasion and search history; especially with older hardware this app gets annoyingly slow, having response time slower with a long list of search history.

In order to overcome this issue it is important to timely delete and clear the search history or search keywords stored in your device.

Steps Involved:

Here is a look at how to delete the Google Play Store search history step wise, in reference to this url:

  • Launch the Google Play Store. On your Android home screen, tap the Play store icon.
  • Open the Play Store Menu. Tap the Menu icon at the top-left corner of the screen. This will slide out the Menu from the side.
  • Open the Settings menu. To do this, tap “Settings” from the Menu window.
  • Clear the search history. Under the General section, tap the “Clear Search History” button. This will now remove all previous searches within the Google Play Store.

Follow the steps above on how to delete the Google play store search history as it is not only safe but somewhat necessary to keep the sanity of your device. It also frees up some space too.

Clear search history

Stepwise video is also demonstrated for your guidance; click on the URL below:

This simple guide above tells you about how to delete the Google Play Store search history easily within seconds.

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