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Fix Video Not Playing On Android 12 Issue

In this guide, we will show you how to fix video not playing on Android 12 issue. After a few phases of the beta program were completed, the much anticipated Android 12 was finally released by Google. It came out as the successor to Android 11 and is currently the most stable version of Android. Now it has been some months since it was released for Google Pixel devices, but there still are some issues and bugs with the OS and even after many improvements and updates, the users have to face some problems which make the experience not so good for them. One of these issues is the video not playing on Android 12 issue.

This issue prevents a video from playing on any video playing app and the number of reports suggest that this issue is common among the users. Further, this issue is also experienced when users try to play a video over their internet browser. The cause behind this problem can be a software issue as well as a hardware issue. If you also find yourself victimized by the video not playing on Android 12 problem, then you should follow continue reading this guide as we will show you some troubleshooting methods to resolve this problem.

Video not playing on Android 12

Fix Video Not Playing On Android 12

As we mentioned above, this issue is quite a common one and is faced by Pixel Android 12 users as well as by users of Android 12 on non-Pixel phones. Below we have shared some possible workarounds to fix the video not playing on Android 12 issue.

1. Clear App Cache and Data

First up, you should try clearing the video application’s cache to fix the problem. This could resolve the issue because corrupted app cache data is the root of many problems such as crashing, not working properly and not displaying media. You can clear your app’s cache data by following the steps below:

  • First head over to the Settings application on your device.
  • Scroll down to Apps & Notifications and then select See all apps.
  • Now from the list of installed applications, select your video app.
  • Go to App info.
  • Select Storage and cache.
  • Sow you have to tap on Clear cache and then tap on Clear storage.
  • If prompted, you are required to confirm your action.
  • Once done, check if the video not playing on Android 12 is resolved or not.

2. Update the Video Application

You should be aware of any available updates for your video player app. It’s important that you keep the latest version of the application on your Android 12 device. If you are using an older version, it may cause some problems, including the one under discussion. To avoid abnormalities while using the app, you should update the app by following the steps given below:

  • First up, proceed to the Google play store, and there, tap on the three-dot icon available at the top right corner of the interface.
  • Now head over to My apps & games.
  • Here, you will be able to see your video application if an update is available for it.
  • You will be able to see the update option next to that particular app. Tap on it to update your app.
  • After the update has been installed, check if the problem remains or not.

3. Update the Video Application

Keeping the video application updated is essential, but having the latest device software is also significant. Having old software running on your Android 12 device can cause performance issues and bugs. For better stability, it is important to have the latest available software on your device. In order to do so, follow the given steps:

  • Once again, proceed to the Settings app and then proceed to the System menu.
  • After that, tap on Advanced and then tap on System or About phone. (The option differs according to the model of your device)
  • You will be notified if there is an available software update.
  • If an update is available, download and install it on your device by following the on-screen instructions.
  • The device will restart itself and boot into the new software.
  • Now, check again if the problem is resolved or not.

4. Re-install the Video App

If the above-mentioned methods do not fix the video not playing on Android 12 issue, then you should try reinstalling the video app on your Android 12 device. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Google Play store application again and search for your video app.
  • Proceed to the video apps page and there, tap on uninstall. (Confirm your action if you are prompted to)
  • Reboot the device once the app has been uninstalled.
  • Now open the Google Play store application and search for your video application again.
  • Proceed to that app’s page and this time, tap on install.
  • Wait while the installation completes.
  • Once done, tap on Open to open the app and now the video not playing on Android 12 problem should be resolved.

So that was it from our side on how to fix the video not working on Android 12 issue. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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