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Focus On: CES 2020 ft. TCL Smartphones

Does TCL sound like a familiar name to you? Cause if it does then you almost certainly know them because they create pretty good, inexpensive 4K TVs. But TCL also makes phones including, Alcatel & Blackberry phones. Now, it seems like TCL is starting to take this matter more seriously than ever. So they announced three of their latest phones: Ten Pro, 10 L, and 10 5G. 0h yeah also, there is a folding phone!


So let’s just start with a folding phone ’cause it’s probably the one you’re most curious about. But you will have to calm yourself cause there’s bad news: it’s just a prototype. The hinge creaks once you open it up and the software is anything but ready. But there are some clever design features which we are going to dig deep into.

So as an example once you close it, it closes completely flat. That is because they’re using the identical form of a hinge mechanism that the Moto Razr is. The screen form of bubbles up in an exceeding teardrop shape inside the hinge. Another interesting thing, there’s no screen on the skin of it which could be a choice. TCL says that they have not decided as to when this thing will be available in the market. They’re waiting until the technology is prepared. Maybe they even want to attend for glass screens that may fold.

10 Series: TCL Being Ambitious or Challenging?

So, that’s a folding phone. It’s cool, but we must always speak about the phones they’re actually gonna release this year. One important thing to grasp about these phones is they’re getting released globally, including in North America, and including within the US. Which really is quite a primary for TCL under the TCL brand. Now the corporate doesn’t want to inform us much about the specs. So we do not know the precise processor yet, we do not know the megapixels on the cameras or any of that. But we do think that each one three of those phones are gonna cost but $500. Which could mean that TCL is gonna role in and check out and tackle OnePlus head-to-head.

So let’s speak about the 10 Pro first cause it’s probably the foremost interest of those three phones. It is the most premium one. Its a bit sort of a Galaxy S 10. Its that kind of a curved screen on the edges. And TCL is making an extremely big deal about its screen technology that it’s pulling in from TVs. So it’s a custom controller which can mean that it can vary the refresh rate, so we must always see 90 maybe even 120 hertz on this.

And for video, it can dynamically change SDR content into HDR content. Moreover, there is an in-screen fingerprint sensor. And there are four cameras on the rear which should be enough. One amongst those cameras could be a macro camera, which is pretty impressive.

But the important thing to recollect is that the ten 5G is gonna have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series, which presumably means the 765, which suggests that it’s 5G in-built without hurting the battery life an excessive amount of which suggests that it would be the very first 5G phone that costs but $500. and that is really important.

Now look, if you’re reading this article, there’s a reasonably good chance that you simply aren’t gonna get super hyped over mid-range TCL android phones. We get it. But they’re still important because TCL has specialized carrier relationships, which implies that when somebody walks into an AT&T or T-Mobile, and that they just want to induce the most affordable Android phone, they’re gonna get something pretty good from TCL.

And having more competition within the sub $500 space is gonna be important for everyone. It is really good that these phones are pretty normal in size. They don’t seem to be big honkers like OnePlus phones are. That’s nice. We’ll understand far more about these phones at Mobile World Congress next month. We’ll get full specs and hopefully prices and hopefully release dates on all of them. So we’re gonna be stay tuned for that. As for the folding phone, who knows? TCL even talked about how they wanna make a folding tablet with like three folds on that. That might be fun. 

This can be pretty revolutionizing for TCL itself; see if TCL can pull this off you would possibly know them for phones rather than just TVs. That is all from us folks, until next time!

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