Try Top Free Apps – Lockdown Due to Coronavirus Outbreak in 2020

Free apps during the lockdown

Coronavirus outbreak is the toughest challenge on the face of the nation and citizens in the present day. We all are quarantined and we are spending our time with our families at our home. Sometimes it can become frustrating. So, we are here with a list of free apps during the lockdown which will help you spend quality time during your quarantine. This outbreak has already disturbed our living habits but it is our duty to stay at home and save ourselves and the country.

Top Free Apps During the Lockdown Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

As we know everyone is contributing to the society in this coronavirus outbreak. So, there re lots of companies which are providing a free subscription to their premium apps. Let’s jump directly to the list of free apps during the lockdown:

Top Free App to Try in Lockdown

1. Anymeeting

If you own a small scale business and have to manage your team remotely Any meeting is providing free services for you. It provides tools for effective communication. It is free until the end of this year. If you are searching for free software for the remote mandments of your work Anymeeting is a must-try option.


2. Centr

Centr is the most important app in the list of free apps during the lockdown because it will help you stay healthy during this period. Centr is a fitness pp founded by our favorite Thor that is Chris Hemsworth. This app is generally paid but it is providing free service during the lockdown period. It will give you the exercise methods and diet to keep you healthy. So, enjoy home workouts and healthy meal plans to keep your body and mind active.


3. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a video conferencing app use to manage remote workers and employees. It has many outstanding features and tools. As it is a paid software but the company has made it free for 90 days to help the small businesses during this lockdown. With the trust of Cisco, it is one of the best free apps during the lockdown.

Cisco Webex

4. Headspace

As the name suggests Headspace is a very popular platform for meditations and relaxation techniques. On this pat for users shares tips and videos to stay healthy. You will also find very efficient sleep and mediation techniques to keep your mind calm and healthy. Recently this company has launched a free program called “Weathering the Storm’ which consists of meditation, sleep and movement exercise to help the society in this global crisis.


5. Discord

Discord is a communication app that allows you to create the servers and share chats with your friends. It is very suitable for gamers and friends communities. It has also launched live streaming facility in which you can go live with 10-50 of your friends which is quite interesting. You can also open voice channels. You will love these free apps during the lockdown.


6. Final Cut Pro x

Now there is something more interesting on the list of free apps during the lockdown. Final cut pro x, if you don’t know about it let me tell you. It is an app from Apple’s family. This app is used for professional video editing and making. Previously there was a free trial of 30-days but due to coronavirus outbreak, the company has expended it to 90-days.

Final Cut Pro x

7. FitBit

If you are a fitness freak you must be familiar with the name Fitbit. It provides an app with the wearable for the users to track various activities that cost around $10 per month. During this global crisis, Fitbit is providing a 90-days free subscription to that resource for the new users.



Here we have discussed the free apps during the lockdown. There are various companies which are providing free services to contribute to the society during this pandemic. This lockdown is affecting everybody very badly. There are fitness companies which are helping us to stay healthy. Some big companies are helping small businesses to manage their remote work. So, enjoy the free subscription of these useful apps during this lockdown-period and come out with some new skills. Also, comment below your favorite free app which helped you during this crisis.

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