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How to Get Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode and Other Features on Essential Phone

Google has been creating many Google Camera ports from the time they had launched their first Google Pixel smartphones. Google creates quite strong cameras for its devices and makes sure they have great focusing capabilities. Google Pixel has a great Google’s Camera and the good thing about it that Google pixel has the camera application which is receiving new features every year. The Google Pixel 2 has some awesome camera features which other smartphones owners also want to have on their devices. We are going to share a method to get the Google Pixel 2’s HDR +, Portrait Mode, and AR stickers on the Essential Phone.

Previous Ports

The Essential smartphone already has had the Google Camera ports. These ports were for latest Snapdragon devices and not for Essential PH-1. Essential phone also had few problems like audio cutouts and it also damaged the stock Essential camera. This was the main reason that Google improves the quality of the camera on Essential more than other smartphones.

Aer0zer0’s Magisk based port

Don’t worry about the SafetyNet because it is a Magisk mod but your device must be rooted to have this port using Magisk v15.0 or above. It has features of Pixel 2 like AR sticker, portrait mode with both back and front facing the camera with having HDR and slow-motion recording. This is a great port for your Essential phone having some improved features Camera port with Google and it does not break the stock camera.

Have in mind that the developer lists the official Android Oreo Beta 2 firmware as a requirement to have this port working. You can download and install the firmware from the download section.


Here are the changes you will have in the new port. The developer has done some amazing job on it.

You can see the changes which are made in this new port.

  • Replaces xmlin vendor/etc and media_profiles_V1_0.dtd in system/etc.
  • Adds calibration_cad and proto in system/etc and GCAM 1.4b2ARcore, and ARStickers in system/priv-app

Additionally, it uses Magisk to get camera_config permissions.


Here are some required things to before installing the port

How to Install

1. First of all, you have to download the Magisk port from the link attached in the download section below and send the downloaded file to your Essential smartphone.


2. After transferring the file to the smartphone, launch the Magisk Manager application on your smartphone and then go to the modules section by using the side menu drawer on your phone.

3. You will see a floating + button in the bottom simply tap on it.

4. Locate the downloaded zip file which you have downloaded earlier and after finding it long press on the zip file it will select the file.

5. There will be an OPEN on the top right side of the screen Tap on OPEN and it will start installing the mod.

6. After the installation is done, reboot your Essential smartphone.


These are the important downloads before starting the process.

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