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Google Pixel 4 – Everything you need to Know

Unlike in the last few years, last year we saw when Pixel 4 coming out with two models: Pixel 4 and 4Xl. They are almost the same except the fact that 4XL has a larger display.

Google is giving some major specifications with its Pixel 4 series such as dual rare camera, Soli radar system and 90HZ display. These are in the no-doubt top of the line updates that we have been looking for in a Pixel lineup.

google pixel 4 review
The very first thing that needs to be discussed initially is, of course, the battery life, which is a disappointment. The Pixel 4 XL, the one larger, mostly won’t be able to go on for the full day and almost the same issue with the baby Pixel 4.

Although the phone is equipped with a gimmicky motion sensor and small RAM/storage, the battery still remains to be a disappointment. The fact that both of the models 4 and 4XL look identical gives customers ease when considering a Pixel family.

Some of the basic speculations include Android 10 as the operating system. Pixel 4 has a 5.7-inch screen while Pixel 4XL has 6.3inch while their processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Pixel Neutral Core. They both have a 64/128 GB storage capacity but without any expandable memory. They both two rear cameras, one of them is 12 MP while the other one is 16MP telephoto. As far as the battery is concerned Pixel 4 has 2800mAh and Pixel 4 XL has 3700mAh capacity.

One of the things that people ask about is Soli. It has Google’s Soli radar sensor. It is the first Google product where they have introduced Soli which allows two things: Motion sensor and FaceUnlock. And it’s just not a mainstream face unlock, but it’s super fast and secure due to Soli. Moreover, with motion gestures, you can use motion with your hands to wave and do certain things on your phones such as silencing alarms and dismissing phone calls.

It depends on the users’ choice of whether they should go for these phones or not.

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