How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts

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We all know how popular Whatsapp has become and it is preferred by many smartphone users because of its fast messaging ability. In most of the countries, Whatsapp has swapped the old way of texting with its outstanding features like voice calls, video calls, and free texts and now Whatsapp gives several new methods to connect with your loved ones. One of these methods is voice messaging.

It is a very efficient way to communicate with someone but sometimes it’s hard to listen to a voice message, like when you are in a meeting or in public place but now here’s an application which can convert voice messages into texts for you so if you have had this issue before, there nothing to worry about anymore. So read this article carefully and learn how you can convert a voice message into a text message on WhatsApp.

How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts 1

Method to convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts

In order to convert your voice notes into text messages on WhatsApp, you need to install an app on your smartphones. The application is called Transcriber for WhatsApp.

How To Use Transcriber for WhatsApp:

In order to use Transcriber for WhatsApp, you need to:

1 . Download the Application from the Google Play store on your android smartphone device.

2 . When you will open the Application for the first time you will notice instructions and information about the App.

3 . After the welcome card, the setting of the application will appear on the screen.

4 . In the setting, arrange the application as you want according to your use.

5 .  In the setting menu, you can change the languages and select the one you want to convert your voice messages into.

6 . You choose the language before conversion, detect a default language, conversion quality etc.

7 . Now you have set the application go to your WhatsApp and open any chat which has a voice message in it which you want to change into texts.

8 . Select the voice message by tap and hold and there will be share icon tap on it and choose Transcriber from the appeared lists of the options.

9 . By doing all this the application will now covert your voice notes into readable form of texts

There is a quick launch feature as well. If you want to covert the voice notes into texts by just a tap on play the audio button. You can enable this feature from the application settings.

Transcriber not just only converts the voice messages into text but it has one more useful trick for you.

You can hear voice notes from the earpiece of your smartphone just like a phone call so you can hear voice notes without anyone knowing in public by using transcriber.

Right now the Transcriber contains some main languages like Spanish, English, French, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, etc but soon there will be addition of more languages.

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