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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [Factory+Hard Reset]

Here is how to factory reset and hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you have picked up the latest Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 4, then it is important to learn the basic things and troubleshooting of it. Here we’ve given a step by step guide on how to factory reset and hard reset your Galaxy Note 4 quickly. This operation comes with by default on your smartphone and is official, not a custom or risky one. So, it will not void the warranty of your device.

Why should I learn that how to reset Galaxy Note 4 hard? The first reason is, to protect your personal data, info and accounts if you want to sell your Galaxy Note 4 then it will help you to erase everything from the internal storage memory of your device. After performing a hard reset, your device will be restored back to its initial state, means that only built-in apps, programs and features will remain on your Note 4.

Since you can restore your phone back to the stock state, then the second reason is that you can hard reset for fixing software related issues like boot loops, bugs, lags, battery drain issues, heating problems, force close errors, alerts or even total blackouts. You can also try the hard reset to fix a software bricked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 manually.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As we’ve mentioned before, Hard Reset is a proper operation, and it comes with by default on any tablet or smartphone running Android operating system. By following the given instruction, you can apply hard reset on any rooted and unrooted Note 4 perfectly or on those devices that run that are using the stock recovery image or a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP recovery or on stock Android or a custom ROM.

If you want to apply a hard reset on your Galaxy Note 4 for any purpose, then don’t forget to take a backup first because you will lose everything that you have saved on your phone.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Follow the given steps to factory and hard reset this device.

Steps To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Step 1: – Go to Settings from the access Menu on your device.

Step 2: – From Settings, navigate to User and Backup.

Step 3: – Choose Backup and Reset option.

Step 4: – Here select Reset, it will take a while, wait for the factory reset operation is finished.

Steps To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4 via Recovery Mode:

Step 1: – To hard reset your Galaxy Note 4, first Turn Off the device. Don’t just reboot it (Press Power key and select “Reboot” or press and hold Power key for a few seconds).

Step 2: – Put your Note 4 into Recovery Mode. Press and hold the Volume + Home + Power buttons together and when the Note 4 vibrates, then release the Power and Home buttons but keep the press and hold the Volume Up button. Your device will be entered into the Recovery Mode. Now release the Volume UP button. Use the Volume buttons to Navigate and the Power button to make a Selection.

Step 3: – From Recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and wait for the hard reset process to finished.

Choose to clear cache if you are using this method to fix software related issues on your Note 4, then pick “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.

Step 4: – Finally go back to the main menu of recovery and select “reboot system now” from there.

Done! You have successfully performed the Hard Reset operation on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you had any issues or questions in the above steps to complete a Hard Reset on your Note 4, then let us know in the comments section, and we’ll try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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