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Error: Unable to Connect to This Server | How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140716

Step-by-step guide to troubleshoot PUBG Mobile internet error code.

Follow the given detailed guide on how to fix PUBG Mobile error code 154140716. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground also known as PUBG is the most popular successful worth playing the multiplayer game of the online history up till now because of its outstanding gaming mechanics and graphics it is most played game as well. Despite these great features this game have still many flaws and bugs. The player daily reports a different error while playing the game which is so annoying and irritates the PUBG players.

Every PUBG mobile error has unique PUBG MOBILE ERROR CODE with different meanings and fixes.

If you are here you or your friend playing PUBG might be suffering from PUBG Mobile error. Now you are in the right place to solve your issue.

Pubg mobile error code

In this article, we are going to discuss PUBG mobile error 154140716. This code is related to internet connectivity which clearly shows that there is some issue with the internet on your device. This code has been reported by lots of players nowadays whether they’re using mobile data or WIFI. This error code seems to pop up every time at the game startup with the following message.

“Internet Error. Please check your network and try again. Error Code: 154140712. (Tap cancel to exit the game)”

What is PUBG Mobile Error Code?

When a problem occurs in a game, an error code will appear in the game continuously. The error code which appears is determined by the type of error. These error codes consist of digits numbers which are useful to detect and solve the problem of the game.

How to Fix PUBG Error Code 154140716

This error code is quite a complex error that appears due to any firewall problems or any INTERNET ISSUES. In this case, clearing data or reinstalling this game none of them have worked out.

But no need to worry this post will guide you on how to get rid of this error code.

Follow below-mentioned step one by one to fix internet error code 154140716

  • Before starting you must have a proper VPN (Virtual Private Network) for this we recommend you to use Opera Free VPN
  • Error: Unable to Connect to This Server | How to Fix PUBG Mobile Error Code 154140716 1Navigate to App Store or Google Play Store to download Opera VPN
  • Go to Setting > General > VPN and make sure that the Opera VPN is connected properly
  • Now, click on Allow and get started tabs and you will see the web frame.
  • Next, go back to Opera VPN to click on the Switch location option which is simply present beneath the device location section.
  • There you can find various options within the app, so you need to change the device location
  • Choose the nearest location but this may not appropriate in PUBG Mobile case.
  • Once done, you will be connected with the main server.
  • Finally, run PUBG mobile once again without any internet error or connection error.

So, these were the steps to fix PUBG internet Error code 154140712. If unluckily you are still stuck at this error code or you have any other query, please post your concern or query in the comment section below.

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