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How To Hard Reset / Factory Reset Nokia 6

Nokia is back after a long time and released the Nokia 6 smartphone in January 2017 with the latest Android Nougat OS. Many Nokia users reported positive reviews about the smartphone running on Android Nougat operating systems. Android system is great because it can be anytime customized and optimized. So if you want to free up some space in order to speed up the Android system and you are looking some hanging problem then you must hard reset / factory reset your device. Hard reset is the common problem for all android mobiles and this is an official process, supported by Nokia. Why people hard reset / factory reset of their Smartphone? There are many reasons like if you forget pattern lock, Stop apps without comment, factory reset a Smartphone, forget Google play store password and so on.Hard reset means everything will be erased / wiped and your phone will eventually run only on by default applications, features on your Nokia 6.

By following this step by step guide, you can easily hard reset / factory reset your Nokia 6. Once you hard reset your device then you will be able to troubleshoot the most common Android software related issues and other problems of your Nokia 6. If you are interested to know that how to hard reset / factory reset your Nokia 6 then go ahead and follow the given steps.

Hard reset Nokia 6


All the data will be erased after resetting the device to its factory states such as the apps, data and settings, so it is recommended to backup your data before doing Hard Reset or Factory Reset. The battery level of your Nokia 6 should be at least charged about 70%

Steps To Hard reset / Factory Reset Nokia 6:


Step No 1: – The first way that you can use to hard reset your phone through the recovery mode menu.

Step No 2: – Therefore, first you will have to power off your device.

Step No 3: – Then, reboot recovery mode on your Nokia 6.

Step No 4: – In recovery use the Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll within the available options and the Power key to select your option.

Step No 5: – Select “wipe data factory reset.”

Step No 6: – Please note that you can also choose “wipe cache partition” and “wipe Dalvik cache.” to clear app data cache.

Step No 7: – Finally, go back to the main recovery menu and select “Reboot system now.”

Step No 8: – That’s all.


Step No 1: – This second solution is to use the Nokia 6 built-in settings.

Step No 2: – Therefore, you first have to power on your device.

Step No 3: – From its main screen tap on Menu and select Settings.

Step No 4: – Under Settings, choose the Backup&Restore option.

Step No 5: – From there, tap on the Factory data reset the field.

Step No 6: – Also, choose Reset phone.

Step No 7: – You will need to pick Erase Everything when you are ready to initiate the wiping process.

Step No 8: Agree with all the other alerts, if there are any.

9: The hard reset will be now automatically completed – so wait while the process is performed.

Step No 10: In the end, reboot your Nokia 6 and enjoy.

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