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How to Improve Sound Quality on Android Phone

Want more boom on your Android phone? Here is how to improve sound quality on Android phones. In this guide, we will help you in improving the sound quality of your android phone. Android has provided several features for its users ranging from gaming to watching movies. However, they don’t need to be the best audio specialists. Although many Android phones have a decent sound quality, people are still looking for improvements. Nowadays, many people are listening to songs on their cellphones. Therefore, the sound quality should be good enough to maximize the customer experience.

There could be several reasons that can distort the quality of the sound on your Android phone. However, there are many solutions to this annoying problem faced by many Android users. You could go to settings and alter things a bit to improve quality. However, this might not be enough. You can use several apps available on the Google Play store to fix this issue. Therefore, we will be providing you several tricks and tips to improve sound quality on your android phone.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android Phone

Before telling you about advanced improvements, here are a few basics tweaks that might help you in improving sound quality on your Android phone

Basic Tweaks:

  • Firstly, you should see if your phone is placed in a way that blocks the speaker’s side. If the speakers are blocked, it will distort the sound quality. Therefore, you should try adjusting the position of your android phone.
  • You should check if there are any dust particles in your speakers. This might help as well.
  • Some of you might use mobile covers that block the speakers. Therefore, you should remove the mobile cover to improve the volume and sound quality.

Using Mobile Settings:

Nowadays, Android mobiles are being released with advanced options to adjust the sound quality manually. These options include adjusting bass, treble, volume, and other related things. You have to open to Settings and then click on Sounds and vibration. This procedure is commonly applied to several android phones, especially Samsung phones.

How to Improve Sound Quality on Android Phone 1

Bumping Music App’s Streaming Quality:

You can improve your Android phone’s sound quality by bumping the streaming quality in your music app. Many apps set your default streaming quality too average or low in order to save your MBs. However, if you increase the streaming quality to high, you can feel the difference.

Bumping Music App's Streaming Quality

For instance, if you are using Spotify, you should open settings and click on the Music Quality option. You can set the music streaming quality to high and enjoy your music at 320kbit/s.

Improving Sound Quality Using Volume Booster Apps:

Another exciting and easy way to improve your Android phone’s sound quality is to install volume booster apps. You can find hundreds of apps that will help you in boosting your volume. All you have to do is go to Google Play Store and search “Volume Booster apps,” and you will see several apps. It is better to check the reviews before downloading any app.

Improving Sound Quality Using Volume Booster Apps

Therefore, this method is straightforward and can help you improve the boom on your Android cellphone.

Mods for Rooted Phones:

Another advanced method of improving the sound quality of your Android phone is to root your mobile and then install certain apps. These apps have direct permission for accessing the system files. You cannot use these apps if your mobile phone is not rooted. However, it would help if you kept in mind that rooting your device has several risks.

Mods for Rooted Phones

Viper4Android is so far the best app you can use to improve the boom on your android phone.

There is not any universal way to improve sound quality. However, you can keep these options in your mind. Enjoy the boom!

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