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How to Install APK Files on Android Phones

Here is how to install APK files on Android phones. We all know that we can install Android apps manually too. You can download APK files manually on your devices such as phones, tablets or TVs and there are several steps to do this. Now for an experienced android user, this will be a piece of cake but for new Android users deserve to know the steps in simple language.

So in simple words, an APK file isn’t much of a huge science but in simple words: when you download an app from Play Store, Android downloads the APK file on the phone. Now this APK file can also be downloaded from sources other than Play Store and then can be manually installed.

how to install apk files on android phones

Usually, the devices which have Play Store won’t be requiring any other source to download a certain app but in rare cases or the cases where the device does not have a Play Store; we need to go check the internet for APK file. Some of the sources include APKMirror and APKPure where you can download APK files from.

Another question that is often raised is directed towards the safety and security of these APK files link. Now most of them the time they are secure but it depends on the source independently. Some basic measurements that you should take include downloading APK files from the official repository and checking the reviews and endorsement of that particular file.

how to install apk files on android

Do take these precautions before you download an APK file and once you have downloaded that file always runs an anti-virus scan on it. Follow the given steps on how to install APK files on Android phones.

How to Install APK Files on Android Phones

1. Download the file directly on your phone or through your computer from a site like apkpure or apkmirror etc.

2. Go to the download folder and there you will find the APK file you downloaded.

3. When you will tap on the file to download it, your phone will ask your permission to download this file from an unknown location since its an unknown location.

4. Enable the settings to download the file.

5. Now go back and you will see an install option with an APK name up top. Select that option.

6. Once the app is installed, tap on Open to Run the App.

While browsing you tap on the APK file that is present in Play Store then the phone will directly to PlayStore to that particular app.

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