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How to Open Zip or Rar File on Android Devices

Here is how to open a Zip or Rar file on Android. ZIP and RAR are the two compression file formats that are not supported by the Android naturally and this becomes hectic for the users at times. When these files are downloaded, they cannot be opened automatically, but some specific tools are needed to extract these files on your Android devices. For instance, you have a folder of 1 GB, after compression, it will be around 800 GB. So, depending on the type of compression, it will make the compressed file much smaller than its actual size.

How to Open Zip or Rar File on Android device

Here in this guide, we will be discussing the extraction of content from a compressed Zip and RAR files through some other application on your Android devices. A third party application is needed as Android does not natively support the Zip and RAR files. So let us have a detailed look over the application which can useful in opening Zip and RAR files on your Android phones.

How Zarchiver is Used to Open up a Zip and RAR File?

The very first step is to download and install the app on your Android device. The Zarchiver app is a very compatible app on all Android devices and can be easily used. With the help of this application, you can simply extract and open both Zip and RAR files and many more on your smartphones (Android-powered). ZArchiver is an advanced app and you can also click on the link here to download the app via Google Play store.


You also have the availability of selecting the compression levels such as Fastest, Fast, Normal, Ultra. It further provides you with options like encryption, password protection for your safety of the device. It has got a very friendly user interface and is easy to navigate. Once the installation process is done, open up the application to see how it works.

Developer: ZDevs
Price: Free

When you will open up the application, just navigate to the directory where the Zip and RAR files are located. You can also search it with just one click and open the files. It is very convenient to use and works like a File Manager.


Once you have moved the Zip or RAR file that you needed to open, just with a single click, a menu on the screen will appear from below.

Choose View if you want to view the files or select Extract if you want to extract the files to your Android Directory.

So this is how you are going to open up the Zip and RAR files on your Android devices. However, you are always having various options if you are still not satisfied, such as WinZip and RAR which contains all functions of Zarchiver.


Firstly download the ZArchiver or any other app on your Android, via Google Play Store. Then open up the app, go to the directory where Zip and RAR files are located. Simply click on the Zip or RAR file. Select VIEW to open the contents of the file or EXTRACT to extract the contents of the file to your Android Directory.

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