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How To Play YouTube Videos in Background Of Android Phone

Here is how to Play YouTube Videos in Background Of Android Phone. Everyone loves streaming YouTube and watching videos in their free time. But there are times when a person doesn’t want to fully concentrate on watching a video rather he wants to just listen to the voice/music while he is busy doing other stuff but the big problem is that most of the people don’t even know if it’s possible.

They have the idea that the YouTube app would be stopped if you will try to run it in the background. So for all such people, this article is going to be of great help.

How to Play YouTube Videos In Background Of Android Phone:

Although there are a lot of different methods for all the Android users to play YouTube videos in the background while only the simplest ones will be discussed here.

How to Play YouTube Videos In Background Of Your Android Phone
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Solution: 1

The easiest method of playing YouTube videos in the background of your android phone is that instead of using the YouTube app,  use Chrome or a Firefox browser. By playing YouTube in a browser it will be possible for you to listen to your desired video even when the screen is off. This way you can play a video or song in the background and use your phone for any other purpose.

The only problem which may be associated with this solution is that if you have already installed YouTube application in your android device, even if you are using a browser it may redirect you directly into the YouTube app. So if anything like this happens all you need to do is to tap on the three-dot menu you see at the top corner and select the box of ‘Request desktop site’

Solution: 2

Another method through which can allow YouTube videos to be played in the background of an android phone is installing YouTube Red instead of simple YouTube application. In order to install YouTube Red, you need to purchase its subscription which is around 9.99 dollars for a month. The YouTube Red has a feature of playing videos in the background. It’s called Background play. This feature will allow you to play YouTube videos in the background while the screen is off or you are using other applications on your android device.

Another plus point of using this application instead of simple YouTube is that it also blocks YouTube ads. So by installing YouTube red you can watch/ listen to YouTube videos without any unwanted advertisements.

Solution: 3

Another simple method to play YouTube videos in background is by using a bubble browsers like Flyperlink, Flynx or Brave. These bubble browsers can be made to float on the desktop or also minimized to form a small icon. If you play YouTube videos using these browsers, the video played will continue to run even if you turn the screen off the screen of your android phone.

These are the 3 solutions to play YouTube videos in background. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or questions.

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