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How to Root Samsung Note 4 with Odin & CF-Auto-Root [All Variants]

Here is how to root Samsung Note 4 with Odin & CF-Auto-Root. Galaxy Note 4 is the Samsung’s latest flagship high-end Android-based device. So if you are a proud owner of the Galaxy Note 4, then you will try to use your device for completing various operations as an advanced Android user to get full power without default restrictions. The first thing that comes to mind is rooting after getting an Android phablet to get maximum speed, optimisation, and performance.

Rooting is a custom operation that is usually performed only by advanced users. Here in this step by step guide, we’ll let you know that how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (All Variants) easily. We’ll use Odin flashing tool and Cf-Auto-Root exploits to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Now go ahead and follow the given guide to root Samsung Note 4 with Odin.

After getting the administrative rights over your device, you’ll be able to remove bloatware, update with a custom ROM firmware, flash a custom kernel, replace the stock recovery image with a custom one, overclock your Android device and install custom apps from Google Play or the third-party sources.

How to Root Samsung Note 4 with Odin


Rooting is an unofficial operation and has nothing to do with Google or with Samsung. Rooting your Galaxy Note 4 will void its warranty. AndroidBlog will not be responsible for any mishap or damage occurred to your device. Proceed at your risk.


  • We always highly recommend taking a proper backup before starting the rooting process of your Galaxy Note 4. In case anything goes wrong then you’ll be able to restore your data back.
  • You’ll need a Windows-based PC as here we’ll use Odin tool and CF-Auto-Root.
  • Samsung USB data cable to connect your Note 4 with a PC.
  • Download & install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC. Mirror
  • Enable USB Debugging option on the Note 4. Navigate to Menu –> Settings –> Developer Options and enable the USB debugging option.
  • The battery level of your Note 4 must be above 80% to avoid interruption during the rooting process.

Download Files:

Note: – Please do note that the given rooting guide is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices. Do not try wrong firmware file on any other device.

This root guide will work on the following given all the leading Galaxy Note 4 variants:

  • SM-N910F (International, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910G (Asia, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910H (Asia, Exynos)
  • SM-N910T (T-Mobile USA, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910P (Sprint, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910R4 (US Cellular, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910W8 (Canadia, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N910C (Thailand, Exynos)
  • SM-N910U (Hong Kong, Exynos)
  • SM-N910K (Korea, Exynos)
  • SM-N910L (Korea, Exynos)
  • SM-N910S (Korea, Exynos)
  • SM-N9100 (China, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N9106W (China, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N9108V (China, Qualcomm)
  • SM-N9109W (China, Qualcomm)

Steps: Root Samsung Note 4 with Odin & CF-Auto-Root (All Variants)

1: – First, download the correct CF-Auto-Root for your Galaxy Note 4 model number and extract the firmware file and Odin tool downloaded from the above links.

2: – You now need to enter your phablet in download mode; first turn it off (press power button and select “power off” or press and hold power key for a few seconds) and then you have to press and hold Power, Volume Down and Home buttons at the same time.

3: – Put your Note 4 into the Download Mode, to do so first Turn off the Note 4. Then press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously until you see “Warning!!” on the screen, then press Volume up to continue to the Download Mode.

4: – Next, connect the Note 4 to your PC via its original USB data cable.

5: – In Odin click on AP/PDA tab and find the CF-Auto-Root-XXXXXtar.md5 file.

6: – If the Samsung USB drivers are properly installed then ID: COM box will turn light blue after connecting your device.Step 7: – Now begin the flashing process by clicking on “Start” button in Odin and the Galaxy Note 4 will initiate the rooting process.

8: – This process will take some time, and once it completes successfully, Odin will now show “RESET!”.

9: – Your device will now automatically Reboot and then you can find “SuperSU” in your app drawer.

10: – Launch the SuperSU app and update the SU binary and disable KNOX.

That’s All! Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [All Variants] is rooted successfully with ODIN and CF-Auto-Root. Let us know in the comments area below if you have any query or problem regarding the above guide to root Samsung Note 4 with Odin & CF-Auto-Root.

Aamir Jamal

An Android Geek and audiophile who love to read and write reviews/tutorials about gadgets and new tech stuff. He has written 1007 guides and other posts.

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  1. Hello, i tried rooting my note 4 and something went wrong somewhere, because now my note 4 keeps turning on and off nothing works. Have you got any ideas on how to recover it? i have tried everything. cheers

  2. I had the same issue, still can’t root, tried many methods.

    To get around the constant rebooting issue. Pull out the battery to switch off the phone. Put the phone back into download mode.

    Flash a recovery using Odin, now the phone will boot again.

  3. I have N9100 Hong Kong version (trlteduoszh , N9100ZHU1ANL1 ) which root file should i download . File is only available for china version

  4. I don’t see an image for AT&T’s Galaxy Note 4 (SM-910A). Is there any way to root this device? Thanks.

  5. I rooted my note 4 what works great but step 10 ” Launch the SuperSU app and update the SU binary and disable KNOX.” this won’t work.
    I also can’t install twrp on my phablet.

    anny ideas??

  6. I have same outcome as Dawid.

    The process does exactly what it does in video until step 10. SuperSU is present but when opened just opens .. doesn’t ask about knox etc.

    I have Canadian variant SM-N910W8 (Canadia, Qualcomm). Are there perhaps some ‘hidden’ steps that the authors didn’t put into video because perhaps they thought they were obvious?


  7. I also tried this to root my note 4 SM-n910p lollipop 5.1.1 and stuck in boot loop pls update the solution to come over it with proper link

  8. Hi, anyone knows if it’s possible to root my SM-N9100 (hongkong, qualcomm) with the SM-N9100 (China, Qualcomm) variant stated above? Cheers!

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