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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S3 (Two Methods)

Taking a screenshot on Samsung devices is a built in feature but a lot of people don’t know that how to take a screenshot on their Android devices. Taking a screenshot on some Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy S3 is much easier but you will need to have some settings before being able to take the screenshot.
There is no need to have any app or either root access is required to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S3 because you can find Samsung’s awesome feature in their latest smartphone that can be easily used. You can take a screenshot on your Galaxy S3 with two methods and choose the one you prefer most.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S3:

Method 1:

  • Press the power and home buttons simultaneously.
  • The screenshot will be taken after you hold the buttons for 1-2 seconds and saved in your Gallery.
  • You can then share it, edit it or do whatever you want with it.

Method 2:

  • This method is easy but you’ll need to enable it as it is disabled by default.
  • Navigate to Settings > Motion > Hand Motion
  • Check Palm swipe to capture.
  • After enabling this, just move your palm from the left to the right or from the right to the left and it will immediately take a screenshot.


If you are trying to take a screenshot for the first time on your Galaxy S3 then you may not be able to do it at once but try it a few times and you will learn to take a screenshot very fast. If your Galaxy S3 is rooted then surely, you may also use a a shortcut on the power menu or a dedicated app.

I hope that one of these two methods will work for you take a screenshot on your Galaxy S3 successfully.

Let us know in the comments area below if you still need help. We’ll be happy to answer to use the default function of Samsung implemented in the device.

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