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How To Track And Limit Mobile Data Usage By Background Apps

The evolvement of mobile phone technology since past 2 decade has been tremendous. Mobile data usage have grown dramatically over the last few years. On top of it, mobile data usage aka cellular data usage also enables you to connect to internet without being on Wi-Fi. Mobile data is measured in MB or GB.

Ways to track your data usage on Android:

Mobile data usage, is something you might want to keep an eye on. Android allows you to prevent wastage of mobile data. It makes it pretty easy to keep track on your mobile data usage.

Steps to check your mobile data usage manually:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet. Or Connectivity (in older Android devices)
  3. Under “Mobile,” you’ll see how much total data you use.
  4. To see graphs and details, tap Mobile data usage.
  5. To see how much data each app uses, look below the graph.

Track mobile data usage

External apps:

Additionally many apps are also been built that can help you manage your mobile data usage. My Data Manager is one of the examples of apps to help you take control of your mobile data usage and save money on your monthly phone bill.


My mobile data usage manager app

Using such apps helps to track how much data you use and get alerts before you run out of data or get charged unnecessary extra fees. It helps you keep control of your mobile data usage.

Apps that uses mobile data

Users must always check mobile data usage for each app and avoid data use overages caused by background apps, updates and refreshes or other app functions. But there are certain categories of android that are dominated with mobile data usage. These are the top categories that people turn to their Android devices for.


How to restrict the apps

If you are worried of your data being used a lot, or so many bytes of your data went wasted down the drain. The reason being it has been used by some of the apps hidden at the background. Thinking of uninstalling the app?? But there is the rare occasion that you actually can use this app remotely. Now in this situation when both data and apps are equally important one handy trick is to block specific apps from using mobile data in the background altogether.

Given below are the steps you must follow to disable the apps ability to limit mobile data usage at the background data.

Steps to stop apps from using mobile data at the background:

Just follow these steps

  1. Open up Settings on your device
  2. Locate and tap Data usage
  3. Locate the app you want to prevent using your data in the background
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the app listing
  5. Tap to enable Restrict background data

restrict background app for data usage

With steps above the app will no longer be able use mobile data unnecessarily, in the background. The only time the app in question can use data is if the app is open. It is important to be careful not to disable background data for Android services. Only disable background data for third-party apps you’ve installed.

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