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How to Unlock SIM on Galaxy S8 and S8+ [Easy Guide]

Samsung has recently announced Galaxy S8 and S8+ and has been released all over the world very rapidly. This latest and popular phone has already taken over people’s news feeds in all manner of ways. People are so much eager that they are purchasing carrier locked phones just to be able to experience the device. But there is a challenge for long-term users cannot use the S8/S8+ with any cellular provider other than the one the device is locked to. If you have owned a Galaxy S8/S8+ then you’ll need to have a working SIM from the carrier, otherwise, a working original carrier SIM will be required for this to take effect.

We have some good news for Galaxy S8/S8+ users that they unlock their SIM to choose the carrier of their choice now. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android smartphone the right way and use it with any cellular service provider around the world.

SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

 Steps to Unlock SIM on Galaxy S8 and S8+

Step 1: First, dial the following code on your device: *#06# to extract the IMEI number from the device.

Note: It is also better to make a copy of the IMEI number that can be seen on the screen of your screen.

Step 2: Wite down the IMEI number and then call up your carrier using the customer service number provided in your monthly statement.

Step 3: Provide your IMEI number to the service representative to get the carrier unlock code. The representative will generate a unique code linked to your hardware and he/she will send the unique code to your registered email ID or if you want to receive it via home address then it will take about five working days to arrive.

Step 4: Once the carrier unlocks code has been received then you will be required to remove the current carrier’s SIM card and insert the new one from another network.

Step 5: Finally, your phone will detect the new SIM card and will prompt you to enter the new unlock code. Just enter the code provided by your new carrier and that’s all.

Done! You’ll successfully SIM unlock your Galaxy S8/S8+ and you can repeat this process whenever you want to use SIM cards from different carrier networks everywhere.

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