Huawei Enlists Honor 8 on the List to be Updated to Android Oreo based EMUI 8.0

Recently, Huawei has been releasing Oreo beta updates for several of its smartphones except for the fact that not much has been revealed about the updates for Honor-branded devices. However, now, Huawei has published a list naming all the devices that Oreo is apparently being developed for. Interestingly, in spite of a confirmation from Honor India on Twitter that Honor 8 would not be updated to Oreo for some time, yet we find the name of Honor 8 on the list given by Huawei.

The Honor 8 handset features a 5.2-inch full-HD (1920×1080 pixels) LCD panel with 423ppi pixel density, an octa-core Kirin 950 processor, coupled with 3GB and 4GB RAM categories, a dual rear camera setup with 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel sensors, a dual-tone LED flash and a 3000mAh battery.

EMUI 8.0 for Honor 8

EMUI 8.0 is essentially the successor to the EMUI 5.1 and the sudden increase in numbering is mainly due to the fact that Huawei wants to sync up its brand with the numbers of Google’s Android version. Huawei also claims that the latest version will be faster and smarter, coupling advanced AI features and an overall better performance and user experience as compared to the older versions.

EMUI 8 may appear quite similar to previous versions, with impressive customization, including the ability to switch up themes and tweak each and every part of the interface. However, what’s attractive is that EMUI 8.0 delivers quite a lot of smart new functions and features as compared to the previous EMUI 5.1. Huawei has essentially focussed on Artificial intelligence and the smartphones phones with updated EMUI 8 will pay close attention to the way you use your mobile and learn your habits to offer a personalized experience.

According to the statement that the Honor PR reported, Huawei has taken up the measure to ensure that the users of Honor 8 also receive the benefits from the latest user experience upgrades. Hence, new functions of EMUI 8.0 will be ported to the Honor 8 as of the latest report. He also added that further details regarding the update will be released within one week and acknowledged the users for their support and interest in Honor.

Although the details are still not clear, it looks like Honor 8 will remain on Nougat and have features of EMUI 8.0 ported to it most probably in lieu of an update to EMUI 8.0 on Android Oreo itself. Predictions are being made regarding the strength and time of such an update on the ground that the Honor 8 is less than 18 months old and maybe only in the Chinese-market, Honor 8s will get Oreo while US-model variants will be left behind. Though this does not make much sense, still its a bit confusing and hopefully this clears out as we hear more from the Honor PR within a week.

Huawei Announces Which Devices will get EMUI 8.0 with Android Oreo

For now, the Honor devices that are enlisted by Huawei’s forum post to be having EMUI 8.0 in development are given below :

Also, though Honor 8 will receive the update to EMUI 8.0 most probably as said in the list, it is likely that it may not receive the full upgrade to Android Oreo. We will keep you updated as we learn more about the phone’s update in the following days.

Huawei had earlier announced that the latest version of its in-house smartphone user interface, EMUI 8.0, had started rolling out and the recent list is regarding its Honor brand that reveals which of its previous and current smartphones will receive the update to EMUI 8.0 and has been posted on one of its official forums.

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The new Honor V10 and Honor 9 Lite already comes with EMUI 8.0 and the other Honor smartphones listed are expected to receive the interface update, sometime in 2018.

So basically reversing the original decision, Huawei brand Honor is now aiming to provide Android Oreo experience on Honor 8 by updating it to EMUI 8.0, based on the latest Android version. The brand has also announced the release of Android 8.0 Oreo-backed EMUI 8.0 for many other models which will bring distinct features which will be in contrast with all that was presented at first with its original launch last October with high-end improvement and enhanced features.

According to the list released on the Huawei Club forums, the controversy also rises up as the list includes the Honor 8 prominently, in spite of the fact that the smartphone is currently not compatible with the new EMUI version because of some hardware and software limitations as revealed by Honor’s official confirmation via Honor India Twitter last week.

Honor 8 was launched in October 2016, along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow-based EMUI 4.1. Gradually, Honor 8 received an update to Android 7.0 Nougat-powered EMUI 5.0 in February and now is on the list to be upgraded to yet another version now.

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