How to Install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0)

Download and Install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0): OnePlus released the official Android 9 Pie firmware update for the OnePlus 6 recently. The latest firmware update is available as OTA and arrived as OxygenOS 9.0. As the updates roll out gradually to all user all over the world. So, if you have not yet received the OTA update notification for OxygenOS 9.0 then you can manually Install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0). Below you can find the direct link to download OnePlus 6 Android Pie update and installation instructions.


Now, follow the given guide to install the OxygenOS 9.0 update on your OnePlus 6 and taste of Android 9 Pie.


How to Install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0) Update:

This is a an easy process to download and install the stable Android 9 Pie update on OnePlus 6. Please note that if your device is running on a custom ROM, then the following instructions may not work for you.

1.First, download the OxygenOS 9.0 update file from above. [File:]

2. Now, Transfer the update file to your OnePlus 6.

3. Next, open the Settings app on your OnePlus 6 to install the OxygenOS 9.0 firmware update.

4. Navigate to System updates, and tap the icon in the top right, select local upgrade.

5. Tap on the Android 9 update file that you have already transferred in Step 2.

6. Tap on Immediately upgrade > System upgrade to 100%.

7. Tap on the Reboot system now.

How to Install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0) via TWRP Recovery:

If your OnePlus 6 is running on the custom ROM then you can install the Android Pie update on OnePlus 6 using the TWRP recovery.

Follow the given steps to install the OnePlus 6 Android 9 update using TWRP.

1. First of all, install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 6.

2. Now, download the Android 9 Pie update file from above. [File:]

3. Transfer the downloaded firmware update file and the TWRP’s zip file to your OnePlus 6.

4. Reboot your device to TWRP recovery.

To do so, first Power off your OnePlus 6.

Press and hold Volume Down + Power button together for 5 seconds to boot to recovery mode and access TWRP.

5. Tap on Install button, and select the Android 9 Pie OxygenOS 9.0 update file.

6. Now, confirm on the next screen to begin the installation.

7. After the installation process completes, reboot now, Android 9 will replace TWRP with stock recovery.

These were the complete steps to install OnePlus 6 Android 9 Pie (OxygenOS 9.0). Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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