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Install Xposed Framework for LG G4 (All Variants) without Recovery

Here is how to Install Xposed Framework for LG G4 (All Variants) without Recovery. The Xposed framework is now available for the LG G4 devices finally to make system level changes. I hope that you might knows about this framework but if no then, Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs.

If you’d like to customize your LG G4 without installing a custom ROM then the Xposed framework is one of an awesome tool that allows extended customization of your LG G4 usability without messing around with stock settings. There is no need to unlock the bootloader or install a recovery like TWRP or CWM but all you need to root your device first to flash Xposed Framwork.

tabp0le (Senior XDA forum member) successfully installed the Xposed Framework on the G4 (Sprint) and confirms that the framework works on all other variants of this device. If you wish to install Xposed Framework for LG G4 (All Variants) then go ahead follow the given instructions. Installing the framwork is an easy and simple via a root app, FlashFire.

Install Xposed Framework for LG G4

Xposed Framework LG Supported Variants:

  • LS991 (Sprint) confirmed by me
  • H810 (AT&T) confirmed by @djkinetic & @uly609
  • H815L confirmed by @AvivEliyahu
  • H815 SEA confirmed by @BySezerSimsek
  • H815 v10c confirmed by @blaqlemon
  • H815 v10D confirmed by @DoubleJOption
  • H815T confirmed by @Winrahr
  • H818P (Dual-SIM) confirmed by @vintag552
  • H812 confirmed by @juju2011
  • VS986 (Verizon) confirmed by @yoonee
  • US991 (US Cellular) confirmed by @Z3ldaFan88
  • H811 (T-mobile) confirmed by @tkdsl


This guide is working only with the above mentioned variants of LG G4. Do not try to use this tutorial on any other device or incorrect variants. Verify the model number of your device before proceeding to the installation guide.


AndroidBlog will not responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your LG G4 during or after the flashing process of Xposed Framework on your LG G4. Proceed at your own risk.

Required Files:

Install Xposed Framework for LG G4

Steps to Install Xposed Framework for LG G4 without Recovery:

1:- First, download the Xposed Framework, Xposed Installer and FlashFire from the above links on your PC.
2:- Transfer the downloaded files to the internal storage of your LG G4.

3:- Discnnect the LG G4 after transferring the files and launch Open FlashFire app to give a root access.

4:- Use the Flash Zip option to install the Xposed framework which you have already downloaded from the above link. Make sure that Automount! is not checked. This flashing process may take about 15-30 minutes. The LG G4 will be rebooted automatically once the process is finished successfully.

5:- Open a file manager and navigate to the folder where you have saved the Xposed installer.

6:- Select the Xposed Installer and confirm the installation to begin.

7:- Finally, launch the Xposed app and enable Xposed from the Settings. Reboot the device to activate and that’s all, you can now enjoy a different Xposed Framework modules on your LG G4.

These were some simple steps to Install Xposed Framework for LG G4 (All Variants) without Recovery.

Let us know in the comments area below if you have any question or issues while flashing.


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  1. well i followed all the directions but after i was done my lg g4 vs986 ,Xposed said “the latest version of Xposed is currently not active.did u install the framework and reboot ?” i tried sdk22arm64 and sdk23arm 64. what do i try now ?

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