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Download And Install Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6

Lineage OS released the latest custom firmware which Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6. The users of Ulefone Armor X6 will be glad to know that now the Android 10 is live for their devices via Lineage OS 17 custom ROM. You can now download and install the latest Lineage OS 17 custom ROM for Ulefone Armor X6. The Ulefone has launched its one of the best and midrange smartphone in December 2019, Armor X6 with great specifications. So if you are the users of Ulefone Armor X6, then now you can get the experience of the latest Android 10 OS on your own device.

Today in this article we share the step by step guide on how to download and install the Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6. Full credit goes to XDA Recognized Contributor AndyYan and Lineage OS team for sharing this amazing custom firmware. Lineage OS is based on an open-source project which brings some amazing features, increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device, various hardware-specific code and much more. So if you are the fan of custom ROM and wish to upgrade your device via Custom firmware, then Lineage OS is the best custom ROM for your device.

The Lineage OS 17 Android 10 ROM brings new features and also comes with some aftermarket features which are not possible to get in official stock firmware. The Android 10 custom ROM has built-in call screening, multi-camera API, foldable display support, security features, system-wide dark mode, improves battery life, Focus mode and much more. The Lineage OS 17 ROM is a stable build that smoothly runs on your device without any kind of problem.

In order to install the Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6, your device should have an unlocked bootloader and must install the TWRP custom recovery. Keep in mind that while flashing the TWRP custom recovery, your entire data will be wiped clean. So before proceeding take the full backup of all your phone important data. If you wish to Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6
Lineage OS 17 Android 10 for Ulefone Armor X6


This guide containing the Lineage OS 17 Android 10 custom ROM is working with the Ulefone Armor X6. Do not try to install this ROM on any other device, or your device might get bricked.


AndroidBlog will not be held responsible for any damage that occurred to your Ulefone Armor X6 during or after the installation of Lineage OS 17 Custom Firmware. Proceed at your risk.


  • Make sure that the battery level of your Ulefone Armor X6 is at least about 80% before proceeding to the installation guide.
  • Download and install proper USB Drivers for the Ulefone Armor X6 on PC.
  • It is highly recommended to take a good backup of your important data and settings on the phone using a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP. In case anything goes wrong then you’ll be able to restore your data.
  • Enable USB D|Armor X6 should be rooted in the latest version of CWM or TWRP recovery installed that supports the new Android 10-based ROM installations.

Required Files:

Steps to Install Lineage OS 17 Android 10 For Ulefone Armor X6 Custom ROM:

Step No 1: – First, download the Lineage OS 17 Android 10 custom ROM and Google Apps package from the above links on the desktop of your PC. Do not extract these files.

Step No 2: – Now, connect your Ulefone Armor X6 to the PC using its USB data cable.

Step No 3: – Move the Lineage OS 17 firmware, and Google Apps zipped files to the root folder of the SD card on your phone.

Step No 4: – Transfer the boot.img file to an android-SDK-windows\platform-tools directory on your PC.

Step No 5: – Next, power OFF the Ulefone Armor X6 to boot into Bootloader/Fastboot Mode. Also, disconnect the USB cable.

Step No 6: – Power ON the device while pressing and holding the Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time.

Step No 7: – Once your Ulefone Armor X6 is in the Fastboot mode, navigate to the android-SDK-windows\platform-tools directory and open Command Prompt within the folder.

Step No 8: – Type the following command and press Enter.

fastboot flash boot boot.img

9: – Now, type the following command and hit Enter.

fastboot reboot

Step No 10: – Follow the on-screen instructions and choose BOOTLOADER -> RECOVERY.

Step No 11: – While the phone is in TWRP Recovery, perform a full data wipe by tapping on the ‘Wipe’ button. Then swipe on the “Swipe to Factory Reset” option at the bottom.

Step No 12: – Navigate to the Recovery main menu and tap on the ‘Install’ button. Select the firmware.ZIP file that you have already transferred to the root folder of your SD Card on the phone.

Step No 13: –  Swipe on the “Swipe to Confirm Flash” option to confirm installation on the next screen. The installation process will be initiated.

Step No 14: – After the installation is finished successfully, you will see a similar screen like the following:

TWRP Recovery

Step No 15: – Repeat the above-given step for the installation of the Google Apps package on your Ulefone Armor X6.

Step No 16: – Finally, select the “Reboot System” button to reboot your phone.

Your Ulefone Armor X6 will boot now, and it may take about 4-5 minutes to boot for the first time after installation.

Done! You have installed Lineage OS 17 on Ulefone Armor X6 Android 10 custom ROM.

Source: XDA

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