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Motorola RAZR Review (2020) – Should you go for it or not?

With a rough patch we had with a foldable phone in the past, we are about to experience a new era of foldable phones. Everyone took notice back in November when Motorolla released its 2020 RAZR and it was trending in the mobile market giving tough competition to all other companies.

Last time Motorolla had a touch time launching their phone since they were unable to meet the demands that they had predicted and even this release is facing some delay which puts the customers into further uncertainty. Resentment spreads among people when they have to compromise on specifications even after paying a handsome amount.

Motorola RAZR Review (2020)

The best thing about this Motorola RAZR is that it is amongst the best-designed phones on the surface of the market with its slim design and the way it keeps its class when its unfolded is just impeccable. With its capability to fold and limit its size, people are seeing a striking resemblance in this phone and a pager. Moreover, it has a non-interactive display at the top which lets you see through your notification real quick. Plus there are small buttons on the right side of the phone which are used for filtering information.

A little nostalgic and loved by the masses, this Motorolla RAZR has the same feature of picking up the call when you flip up the phone and automatically ending the call when flipping it shut.

Motorola RAZR Review (2020) - Should you go for it or not? 1

Furthermore, most of its functions are in the lower part of the mobile which results in warming up the lower part while the upper half stays cool. And by warming up it doesn’t mean critically hot or something you should be really worried about. As far as the back is concerned it’s a little slippery and a little long when it unfolded.

However, the thing that is extremely concerning is the creaking sound it’s making while folding and unfolding. A proper sound is being heard after just a couple of folds and a test reveals that it may stop folding once it reaches an approximate of 28000 folds. Even though the screen will be working fine but the fact that folding will not be possible any longer is worrying about the customers. With this issue, people are comparing Motorolla RAZR with Galaxy Fold and Motorolla RAZR Is losing the race.

Moving on the Motorolla RAZR’s battery is also a disappointment. They claim to give 2510mAh capacity battery and that certainly a low capacity. Also if we discuss the camera we find it to unimpressive. It has only one main 16MP. It lacks telephoto and ultra-wide lens which are very common amongst the latest phones of other companies. Other basic features include Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. Its storage capacity 6GB.

Overall if we compare this phone with the mobile phones of other companies then it’s not really a catch. Yes, the folding screen is an attraction but other than that it isn’t that competitive.

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