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OnePlus Concept One [1]+: Are the profound compact Cameras dying?

So, OnePlus is here with a concept phone; they are calling this a ‘OnePlus Concept One’ and it is in partnership with McLaren. They are not planning to sell this exact phone and we don’t have a date as to when this tech would end up in a phone potentially. Nonetheless, they are showing it off.

This is pretty much classic CES: it is a concept of something cool and tech that you might never sell but, if you do then that would be great but, what better time to show off something and make a nice little wave of the press!

OnePlus Concept One: What is it?

OnePlus Concept One

So, the OnePlus Concept One, under the hood, is essentially like the OnePlus 70 Pro, and if you dig around in the settings, it says it’s a slightly different build number and the software and the slightly different model number but you consider talking about here, and then with some McLaren themed stuff going on.

The papaya-orange leather and the stitching that cold covered metal on the frills instead of the normal black but, for the main piece, the main reason why this is a Concept is the disappearing and reappearing cameras on the back! It’s pretty cool!

So, what is actually happening here? So the glass on the back of the phone, OnePlus has taken the electrochromic glass tech that we have seen in the sunroof of some supercars specifically in some McLarens. they’ve taken that tech and shrunk it all the way down into the thinness and the form factor of the glass on the back of the phone.

So, the way the electrochromic glass works is that the shade is created when the electric current is passed through it. There are multiple layers of glass here and getting all that glass on the back to be thin enough to work on a smartphone but, still, achieve this effect is still very impressive.

Diving deep into the lenses

OnePlus Concept One [1]+: Are the profound compact Cameras dying? 1

Now, if you look closely at the camera, you will be able to see that the sheet is not a 100% opaque, you can still see the lenses behind but, to a very minimal level. But it is clearly better looking when it is darker. it is overall sleek in its design, and together it makes the phone look cleaner and better.

Currently, if we just have a look at the smartphones around us, whether the iPhone 11 or Samsung Note 10 or even in that matter the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, there is one thing common in all of these phones and i.e. compact cameras. Now, we have nothing against compact cameras but, the whole point is that if we look closely at these cameras, we will understand that what they actually do to the overall look of the smartphone is a bummer; they instead of making the design look sleeker, make it look even fatter with the cameras’ protrusion off the surface.

Now, this phone hasn’t made it to the market yet and we do not know if or when it will. However, we must say that OnePlus has definitely introduced a great ‘concept’ as they call it, and it would not be a big surprise if in the upcoming years we start seeing world-famous phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung follow the lead.

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