5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017

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Smartphones cameras are improved a lot over the past few years and with the introduction of dual cameras and optical image stabilisation to the latest flagship devices, most people use their Android smartphone as their primary camera device and a lot of people use their phones to take selfies a lot more than they use it for contacting people.

So, naturally taking pictures and then posting them on social media to get a lot of likes has become a trend and people are ready to do anything to make their pictures good before sharing them to the world. One main thing everyone does right after they take a selfie or an image is to edit it using an app or apply some sort of filter before posting it online.

But the problem is that there are thousands of photo editing apps available on the Google Play Store for download, it makes it a difficult choice to choose the best one from the lot. A lot of photo editing apps just come with some pre defined filters and they don’t have customization options to edit your image like the way you prefer.

So, here is a list of 5 best photo editing apps for Android which come with a lot of quality preset filters and a wide range of editing options which allows you to edit every single aspect of your image.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing apps available for Android and it is also the most downloaded with over a 100 Million downloads. With these stats alone you can guess how awesome the app is but there are a lot of features available in this app which you should know. For instance, the app comes pre installed with 100s of filters and you can edit and modify each one of them individually to get a look you want on your images.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017 1

The app also comes with a lot of fonts, stickers and frames which could be added to your image as an attraction. However, the most interesting feature of PicsArt is that it has an AI powered effect engine which automatically recognizes your images and then applies an unique effect that suits the flow of the image. You can also use the camera inside of the app to instantly create collages of your never ending selfies.


Snapseed is a photo editing app developed and launched by Google but it is kind of an hidden gem as most Android users have not even heard about it. Unlike PicsArt, Snapseed neither has 100s of Millions of downloads nor it comes with a lot of features like stickers and frames, but the apps editing algorithms are sophisticated enough to turn your normal picture into an extraordinary one.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017 2

It is also one of the fastest and smoothest photo editing apps out there as it takes relatively less time to apply the filters and export your final images. The interface is designed in a way that even someone using the app for the first time could feel familiar with the options and it also supports professional editing options like White balance and colour curves.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Pixlr is one of the photo editing apps to exist for a long amount of time. It was a hugely popular photo editing software in the desktops before it made its way into the smartphone world. Pixlr is a lot similar to PicsArt with the same editing options and features like stickers, collages borders and text overlays. But the one thing where Pixlr really stands out is its Auto Fix feature.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017 3

If you are someone who hate spending hours to make an average looking image into an perfect one, then you will love the Auto fix feature of Pixlr. It automatically recognizes what kind of images you import and based on the subject and the colours present in the image, it will automatically modify it by using the best possible settings. Also, some features of Pixlr are easier to use than other photo editing apps, creating collages, for instance is much simpler in Pixlr than in PicsArt.

Developer: Inmagine Lab
Price: Free+

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you have ever edited photos or have researched for professional photo editing tools online, chances are that you are already familiar with Adobe Photoshop. It is the best possible photo editing software any professional editor or photographer could ever ask for. It comes pre installed with all kind of pro editing tools and options like the heal spots, noise reduction, red eye removal, enhanced detailing and so on.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017 4

It also has over 60 unique presets which could be applied to your images and they are all very well designed that you cannot find them on any other photo editing apps in the Play store. You could even use the hue, saturation and the curves combination of effects to create your own unique looks and apply them to your photos. It also comes with some unique features like fog reduction and image rendering engine.

Candy Camera

If you are someone who takes a lot of selfies and are wondering which app could I use to make myself and my selfies look a lot better without overdoing the filters, then Candy Camera is the one you should try. I have personally had some awesome experience with Candy Camera and it had converted some of my dull and dark images into something more vivid and bright.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android November 2017 5

It has a lot of filters and you can select the one you like and view how it will look even before you capture the selfie which potentially saves a lot of your time. Candy Camera also comes with specific makeup features for those who would like to modify the symmetry of their face or remove the dark circles on their images. You can even use the options in the app to make yourself look taller, leaner or even add lipstick or eyeliner on your face.

I hope that you will find these apps helpful and amazing. Find more photo editing apps here.

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