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Pokemon GO APK – Download Latest Version 0.187.1

Pokemon GO has been a revolution of a game that quickly climbed up charts all around the world. The game earned itself a lot of fame, particularly among Pokemon fans as it was a new game and a different type of experience for them. Over the past years, Pokemon has introduced various games for their fans, but none of them brought something new, apart from a different story line perhaps. Even though the game quality, graphics and features improved over the year, the main objective of the games remained the same. Pokemon fans longed for a different type of a gaming experience, and that is where, Pokemon GO comes in.

Pokemon GO APK

A part of the Pokemon franchise, this game added a new spice in the gaming experience for Pokemon fans. What makes it so different and so special? Well it allows you to explore the real world around you, but inside the game. The game introduces Augmented reality for the Pokemon fans. Talking about it more precisely, your in-game character moves around in the game only if you move yourself in the real world. This is what makes it so unique and special in contrast to the other games in the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon GO caught the attention of many people around the globe, especially the Pokemon fans. If you are on of those, you would obviously want the application installed on your device. To keep the game interesting for users, Pokemon GO is constantly updated with newer features and exciting in-game events. But on some occasions, users are unable to download the latest version of the game due to glitches. Here in this article, we will provide you with links to download the latest version 0.187.1 of Pokemon GO. But before you head towards the download of the game, let’s see what new features and changes does this update bring to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Version 0.187.1 | What’s New?

Each new update for Pokemon GO promises some exciting new additions. What addition changes does this update bring? First of all, Players can now Mega Evolve their Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Along with that, Mega Energy is now also a thing. Raid and defeat Mega Evolved Pokemon in order to earn energy. Mega Energy is used to Mega Evolve your Pokemon.

Secondly, Reality bending has now been made compatible for a lot of devices. What does this feature do? Well with Reality bending, your Pokemon will be able to move behind various objects either partially or completely. And of course, for this, your AR features need to be active.

Further, you are now able to personalize and customize the in-game gifts that you send to your friends. The game store has also been updated with exciting new stickers that you can send to your friends. In addition to that, there are minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay.

Download Pokemon GO Latest Version 0.187.1 APK

APK Link: Download Pokemon GO APK 

Direct Download Links:


Using the download links above, you can avail the latest version 0.187.1 of Pokemon GO. You should only use the APK version if you can not download the latest version using the Playstore or Appstore link. And that was it from our side. We hope that you found this article helpful. Please share your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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