How to read Whatsapp Messages Even After The Sender Deletes Them

Whatsapp is currently the most used social messaging app with over 2 Billion monthly active users and still increasing. It was purchased by Facebook a few years ago and Facebook has been adding new features to the app ever since.

A lot of new features that were recently added to Whatsapp were already available on the Facebook, Messenger or the Instagram apps. The disappearing status feature, filters for pictures, ability to any type of files and even the audio and the video call features. The recent feature to make to this long list is the ability to delete your messages even after sending them.

This feature went live in the stable version of Whatsapp a few days ago and it allows you to delete the messages you send to individual people or in group chats even after the receiver has received the messages. You have to be quick to delete it within seconds after sending it and you have the option to either delete it for everyone or delete only for you.

Once you delete the message, Whatsapp will just display a message saying the user has deleted this message to the receiver. However, some developer found a workaround for this where you could still retrieve the message from your notification history even after the sender deletes it. If you are curious on how to do it, just follow the steps below.

How to read Whatsapp Messages Even After The Sender Deletes Them


Step 1:

If you have already installed Nova Launcher on your device, this step would be easy for you. If you have not, then you can download and install it from the link here.

Just long press on your home screen and then select Widgets.


Step 2:

Scroll down till you find the Settings widget and then long press on the Settings shortcut to place it on your home screen.

Step 3:

Inside the Settings shortcut widget you will find a shortcut called Notification log. Just select it to add it your home screen.


Step 4:

Now just tap on the Notification log shortcut to open it and then find the message you received and was deleted and then select it.


Step 5:

You will now see a bunch of codes related to the notification and the app from which it was sent. Just find the line named android.text and you can read the message that you have received.


The procedure is exactly the same for the Stock Android launcher but you have to be atleast on Android Marshmallow or higher for that to work without any issues.

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