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Will 2020 Revolutionize the Tech World? Amazing Things you can Expect!

So, it has been exactly 46 days since the end of 2019 which itself was pretty much a great year considering the advancement in the tech world that we got to witness. We are pretty pumped for 2020: start of a new decade and all the stuff that comes with it, and following up on the already great year.



So, on to the next decade; of course, there is a bunch of techs to look forward to. Starting with foldable devices. This is going to be the year of foldable to better define themselves as a category. You know right now every foldable that comes out sort of gets compared to the one released before it or at the same time. Point being, that there is a lot of comparison going on in this particular category even though they are all different from each other. The same way every new electric car that comes out gets compared to Tesla cause we have a default right now?

2020 is going to be exciting; we already have that Motorolla Razr that we have already seen coming out in early 2020, assuming nothing goes wrong, that is your vertical folding clamshell design that is super-reminiscent of the razor we had in years past.


Now, we also have rumors and renders of a clamshell Samsung Galaxy Fold and this sort of feels like it would be a direct competitor to the Razr but, Samsung would also be doing it their own way; potentially with different materials, different high-end specs and cameras, and at a very different price.

High Refresh Rate

Will 2020 Revolutionize the Tech World? Amazing Things you can Expect! 1

And then something that every smartphone user wants to see everyone take part in is High Refresh Rate. See, this was already a theme of 2019 but, there really was a divide between high refresh rate smartphones and those that stuck at 60 hertz for at least one more year, last year.

So, 2020 is the year we are hoping Samsung flagships, Motorola flagships, Apple flagships, I hope everyone’s best smartphone this year, has at least a 90 Hertz display, we are expecting some to be 120 hertz too, nevertheless, the high refresh rate is what we are looking forward to.

Pixel 4A


Pixel 4A! Yes, not Pixel 5; we are sure that it will be a very interesting phone in 2020 too, but pixel 4A is the one that people are looking forward to seeing. We are already seeing renders of it based on speculations and leaks. the exciting thing is that Google actually has real proof of what people want in smartphones and they can see that in their sales numbers. So, Pixel 4A can be that mid-range/budget-slayer with an excellent camera, no-frills, the google software experience, and the software updates, a headphone jack and maybe a trick or two up its sleeve.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Will 2020 Revolutionize the Tech World? Amazing Things you can Expect! 2

Samsung Galaxy S11: something that all of us are super amped up to see in 2020. We do not think it would be a stretch to right now call that an early frontrunner for the best-hyped phone of next year. There are lost of renders of Galaxy S11 too- with a lot of focus on the cameras; looking at a potential five-camera setup on the back of the Galaxy S11 but, not just that we could also see the high refresh rate of about 120 Hertz AMOLED display, could have a large 5000 mAH battery, the lastest and greatest in silicon, that snapdragon 865.



5G is not expected to be some instant thing, of course, it is a multi-year rollout and each carrier has its own way of doing that multi-year rollout but, we think keeping an eye on those low to mid-band is the most interesting part for most people.

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